Friday, January 18, 2013

Bookmarks, Motifs, Butterflies, TIAS, Doilies, Earrings, Pendant and Hearts

Ninox finished Jon Yusoff's Folded Bookmark which was promptly claimed by one of her housemates. Then she tatted this button motif using a Lisa Trumble pattern in DMC  Size 30 Ecru Cebelia. She also finished this bookmark by TattyPatty which is called The simple bookmark done in Lizbeth thread in size 20, Wildflowers, with an accidental extra ring and chain at the end. Another TattyPatty pattern is this snowflake in two parts done in Lizbeth size 40, Charcoal and Blue River Glades. Again in size 40 Blue River Glades is the start of the 2013 TIAS. Followed by two patterns by Jennifer Williams. Frivole's Leaf pattern, made in Lizbeth size 40 Blue River Glades is next. Another of Frivole's patterns is her Small Rainbow Motif made in Lizbeth Size 40 Natural and Charcoal. The motif from Judith Connors Contemporary Tatting Book is one of the Capella earrings which she thought would make for a good lesson in adding beads.

Jane continues with her personal challenge of techniques working on onion rings. Day 2 of TIAS is done and she has enjoyed practicing her Catherine Wheel joins. She has revisited the onion rings using a larger thread for the outer rings which seems to have given the lace a neater look. Day 3 of TIAS went off without a hitch.

Lelia has tatted more motifs from Patti Duffs Mini Tats, the first in Lizbeth size 20, Color 170 and the second in Lizbeth size 20, Color 623. She has also made her first onion ring.

Linda is using size 20, variegated purples # 165 for TIAS and so far she has days 1, 2 and 3 done.

Ancolie has day 2 of TIAS done. Arches doily designed by Marilee Rockley is tatted in white Cordonnet DMC Nr. 40

Diane started Doily XVIII in Jan Stawasz's new book, Tatted Treasures and row one was fine, then row 2 had split rings with picots and something just wasn't working out quite right. Thankfully Mary Konior's Spinning Wheels Glass Mat doesn't have split rings. She finished Day 2 of Jane's TIAS using a split chain and a split ring! Here is the finished Spinning Wheels in all it's glory done in size 20 Hydrangea Dark from Yarnplayer. Day 3 of TIAS is reminding her of a flower pot.

Fox is working through Honey Napkin - slowly. She is using #20 Lizbeth, a gift from Denise, in bright red for another of Renulek’s patterns. TIAS day 2 is done. Here it is again without the mistake and with the next row added. Day 3 of TIAS is done.

IsDihara is at day 2 of TIAS working 2 samples, one in Lizbeth® 20 #168 Latte Foam and one in Lizbeth® 20 # 125 Sea Scape.

Jess went to tat another flower using the first three rows of Marilee's Jubiloso doily and she had intended to use size 80, but thought that 20 would stand up better to being taken on and off the button. So she did the inner round in size 20 and added size 100 Rainbowlicious on the outer round. Then she did another flower with the Watercolor Sweetheart, but this one has beads. And another in Dark Rainbow, but it didn't look good with the leafy background, so she removed it. Then there is one tatted in Madder Tatter. The leafy pattern is actually taken from Jon Yusoff's Almas, from Elegant Tatting gems. And in her "spare time" she started Jane's TIAS.

Marie added Lizbeth, size 20, antique violet med. and clear beads to these findings to make a nice pair of earrings. Crochet thread, size 30 was used with these lotus flower findings. An old key, done in Lizbeth, size 20, Antique Violet Med makes a very nostalgic pendant. A broken necklace discovered at an antique show was repurposed into earrings with pearl cotton #12 and beads.

Wanda tatted all of these hearts that she has designed in Lizbeth size 20 #644 Boysenberry dk with a few tweaks here and there. It's amazing how small changes affect the shape of a heart pattern.

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