Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Earrings, Snowflakes, Bag, Doilies, Motifs, Heart, Pin and Necklaces

Gwen has joined the challenge again for 2013. She made 9 pairs of Marilee's earrings for Christmas gifts they were a huge hit. She has been tatting a lot of snowflakes, inspired by the tatting laden trees that we've been seeing this season. Did you count? 9 pairs of earrings and 3 snowflakes, so she's just started and she's already half way through.

Jane finished her beaded bag and liked the effect so much that she tried worked out how to do it flat rather than circular to create a beaded monogram. Since the rows of beads are staggered in didn't work out as anticipated, but an abstract design does.

Marta is back at it with this piece in blue and greens and tied on both ends.

Diane continues to tat snowflakes with her Doodad Snowflake #5 in size 20 Lizbeth, Snow White an blue seed beads received from Michelle.

Fox tried to take her thumb off with a knife hiding under the soap suds and still managed to tat this Edwige Renaudin Design in #8 Finca Perle. A most horrible thing happened to the Honey Napkin, a mistake discovered, 2 rows back resulted in more amputation. Here's a small motif from the new Jan Stawasz book using Lizbeth size 40 and something left over that was larger.

Isdihara received this exquisite heart which was a gift from JB. The Tat Along lace mat is pictured here with a lovely soft pale purple pashmina. The Love of Beads heart by Martha Ess is tatted in Flora 20 red with matching seed beads.

Jess tatted her Starflower design in Watercolor Sweetheart HDT, one of her new colours. Here's a collection of them in Livi's Ballet Shoes HDT, Azalea Md, and Turquoise Lt.

Marie made some modifications to Kelly's design to create these earrings in Lizbeth, size 20, raspberry lt to match the cat pendant as a gift for her sister.

Mica has had Jon Yusoff's Tatted Snowflakes Collection for a long time before she decided to tat from it and this is the first snowflake in the book.

Michelle tatted Wanda Salmans' Christmas snowflake 2010, in Lizbeth Blue Ice, size 20. This heart bookmark is another of Wanda's designs.

Sue tatted Marilee's Beguile Necklace from the Up and Tat 'Em book as a gift, although she used her own colour scheme.

Wanda has decided that her pattern for Joy's Heart is workable and has now posted the pattern for it.

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