Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hearts, Motifs, Doilies and TIAS

Christy joins the challenge with a tatted variation of one of Martha's teapots.
Alba Alicia has completed another doily.
NancyD used some left over thread to tat an edging from the Big Book of Tatting and used it to decorate a candle. Shanan tatted days 8 and 9of TIAS which is looking remarkably like a rooster.

Fox tatted Mary Konior's Patchwork in Marilee's Garden Afternoon and Cébélia #20 in green.
Rayanna has Day 8 and 9 of TIAS done with a little help from her friend Carol.
M tatted The Brain created by Martha Ess. Then she tatted Heart's Desire by Susan K Fuller in Lizbeth size 20, col 142 & col 145 several times because she miscalculated the length of thread required and had to start again, that was after an attempt at making it in red and black where the chains didn't look right. Vanessa tatted this design by Jon Yusoff in Lizbeth 20 although she thinks she prefers the feel of Altin Basak.
Mica started this project some time ago, but recently picked it up to finish it. The inspiration came from one of the Japanese tatting books but it isn't exactly like the patterns there so she thinks she must have developed her own version. Tatted in DMC 80 black with brown seed beads found at Michael's, it measures about 3 inches in diameter.
Linda has day 8 of TIAS done, but feels she should have used a bigger bead.

Vinnie has finally settled on the motif mobile she wants in her car. The glue stiffener makes it shine in the sunlight. Heather is another one who has completed day 9 of TIAS. Marty posted these earrings she made for her mother years ago, tatted from Mary Konior's rose doodle pattern from the book "Tatting with Visual Patterns."

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