Friday, January 22, 2010

Hearts, Bookmarks, Crosses, TIAS and Snowflakes

Alba Alicia joins the challenge with an earring and a doily. Sharon tatted Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts again, this time in Lizbeth 20 Carribean. Then she had to tat lots of little butterflies to empty her shuttles.
NancyD tatted this pattern from Be-stitched in Lizbeth thread size 20, color "Country Side".

Rayanna tatted the ring from designer Marilee Rockley called "Remembrance" in blue for her daughter's friend, Emily and added a clear rose button to it.

Anne has been tatting but not blogging. She has been working on both the centre piece and some Christmas gifts. Let's hope she remembers where she put them 11 months from now. And so that she wouldn't lose her place, Dr Who needed a bookmark. Bev has tatted "Beauty Spots" another of Mary Konior's delightful patterns, a tribute in memory of this prolific and well loved tatter.
Diane tatted these crosses from Lene Bjorn's Tatted Bookmarks - cross-shaped. The green one is Christina in Flora #228 and the blue is Maria in Lizbeth #651. Heather has day 8 of TIAS done. Kelly had day 7 of the TIAS done and is eagerly awaiting the next installment. Krystle did some trial batches of thread and she's offering the HDT at a reduced rate. The colour shown here is "Watermelon" Sherry remembers all the lovely patterns created by Mary Konior and honours her with this picture of one of Mary's designs, "Large Cross" from her book Tatting with Visual Patterns, which Sherry tatted in her own "Sunset Clouds" HDT.


Teresa said...

WOW- these are all gorgeous! Makes me ITCH to pick up my tatting again- maybe after exams next week, and after I get the grades done, of course! The ones from Mary Konior are especially tempting.

Anonymous said...

do any of you needle tat? That is all I do.


Sharon said...

Quite a few of the participants do both needle and shuttle tatting. Heather used to do needle tatting exclusively.

Michelle said...

i like your tatting. I wanted to learn years ago but no one I knew had any idea about how to.
I did learn to crochet very well though and I can crochet nearly anything