Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doilies, Heart, Snowflake, Names and Roosters

Liyarra has finished the doily that began with her Motif 8. It's a design by Lene Bjorn and was found in the Danish magazine Orkis Bladet. Tatted in Marilee's Garden Afternoon.
Wendy has Day 10 of TIAS done and it's looking suspiciously like a cock but as there's another installment to come, she's not too sure. Fox tatted a heart designed by Gina which she found on Georgia's site which called for size 20 thread, but she used Lizbeth size 40. It had too many stitches and she missed a join, which really had a bad effect on the shape of the poor thing. One side of it is lovely and we'll just ignore the other side for now.
Vanessa has tatted day 10 0f TIAS and it's looking very much like a rooster although her colours seem like they might be in the wrong places.
IsDihara was having trouble with a shamrock working in the Majestic thread, but she persevered, remembering to tat looser and she finally has her shamrock. Someone was asking about the edging shown earlier. The pattern is from the InTatters group under the Knots - Tatting Links tab and the file is called Beeton Edge.
Ellen's company has had a few more resignations and she has tatted names for the departing colleagues using Anna Valeire's alphabets.
Heather has finished her mystery tatting from last week, but it's still a mystery as she's only showing us a teaser. Then she started the 3rd day of December snowflake by Lene Bjorn tatted in one of her new HDT's. She has completed the TIAS and it is indeed a fine young cockerel. She thinks the pink one turned out better.
Martha shows us a picture of her early tatting worked in crappy thread. The quality of the thread does affect your tatting. Marty has up to day 10 of TIAS completed and she's not sure if it's a rooster or an alien. Some of us have seen day 11, it's a rooster.

Wally tatted this design which is actually a coin purse. It measures around 4 inches wide made with Omega #20 pastel mint green using a pattern from Book No Five by Adeline Cordet, Tatting Designs with Instructions. (Note: this book and 4 other vintage books have been reprinted by Lacis in one large volume called TATTING Designs From Victorian Lace Craft $16.00 USD and is well worth having in your tatting library.)


Aga Winnicka said...

I love all motives participating in the challenge. I'm not sure if it is not to late to start, but I'd like to join you. Just posted first motif on my blog here:

Liyarra said...

IsDihara - Such tiny tiny dimpled rings!! They look amazing.