Saturday, January 02, 2010

Doilies, Snowflakes, Critters and Happy New Year

Cindy begins the challenge with this Gerbera Doily tatted in size 20 Lizbeth thread. The centre gave her a bit of trouble but she's well into it now and it looks like it will be a fairly large doily.
SunshineCraft has joined the challenge and begins with Jon Yusoff's elegant 'Magic Moment Snowflake', done in Venus crochet cotton from her local craft shop. It's nice to see another tatter like myself who is in a hurry to take pictures and doesn't always wait until the lace is blocked.
Fox wound up the old year and rang in the new one with tatting. To finish the year she tatted this sweet beaded edging using Sherry's Peach Pandora,#20 and a vintage edging pattern. The new year began with the Tatted Christmas Wreath" by Samantha Melnychuk in Karey Solomon's thread size #30 3 ply.
Katie's first motif of 2010 is Sweet Heart by Birgit Phelps in Yarnplayer's Midnight Oil HDT.Vanessa tatted the pansy from Toni Storer's book Tatting down the garden path in Altin Basak size 10. She likes that the flower is good for using up left over pieces, but she isn't enthusiastic about having to join the pieces together. Shirl finishes her 25th motif with this pattern from Tatting Doilies & Edgings edited by Rita Weiss tatted in DMC 100 Cordonnet Special in white. Laura has 4 more snowflakes completed. Isn't it amazing how the different colour combinations totally change the look.
Linda received her exchange package from Irma in Chile with lots of lovely tatted snowflakes and a charming tatted tree in the card. Linda has tatted 2 new crosses. Wendy's pattern has split rings on the outside and plain rings on the inside and was tatted with Cebelia size 30 thread
Linda Davies' cross bookmark is tatted with a medallion, cut and tied, then the outside cross is attached to the medallion tatted with Lizbeth size 20 thread.
Steph has been tatting away although she's getting tired of her chosen subject matter, namely critters. Here's the latest batch. The flamingo is from Martha Ess' Critters On The Block, the gecko is Pamela's gecko from Jane's pattern pages, the lovely swan is Mark Myers', the cocoa bunny is also from Mark, the kitty she thinks is from an old Workbasket, and the pig bookmark is from Dianna Stevens' Animal Bookmarks: A Tatted Zoo. The heart is from Karey Solomon's Tatting From The Heart using Yarnplayer's 'Pansy' HDT in size 50.
Bonnie tatted Marilee's "Remembrance" ring for her Aunt Myrtle. It is made using Sherry's size 20 HDT that she thinks is Peach Pandorea. Along with the ring she sent this motif, called Daisy Heart made using YarnPlayer's size 30 HDT Roses and Leafy. The pattern is from a February 1988 Workbasket. Bev has been the recipient of many exquisite tatted treasures. She received this lovely snowflake from Lalou, done in ecru thread with gold beads. The heart and bookmark were received from Jane and the green heart with blue beads was received from Pamela. The earrings were received as a a thank you gift from Krystle. Madhur sent her this gorgeous pink and green doily which is sitting on the table at her bedside. The delicate tatted angel was a gift from Aileen.
Kelly created this adorable bracelet that she plans to wear to a wedding. She may even make matching earrings to go with it. Martha tatted Nancy's tree in size 10 thread, then went to the other extreme and tatted Mark's cat in size 80 thread.
Wally's Spanish group tatted the Happy New Year banner as a gift to all of them.

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