Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Booties, TIAS, Bracelets, Doily and a Tatted Ring

NancyD tatted this wee bootie by Mary Konior in size 20 ecru. Booties are so sweet to tat, at least the first one is. Then you realise what a lot of work is ahead of you to make the second bootie. I guess that's why a lot of them end up as pin cushions. Ann has caught up on the TIAS. It's a kite!, No, I've got it, it's a steam engine. Well, on second thought maybe not. IsDihara tatted "Doretha's Teardrop Edging" from Georgia Seitz's pattern book, "Tatting on the Edge...and Beyond." in Sherry's Witches Brew HDT, size 20.
Kelly has caught up on the TIAS as well and here are her pictures. It's a tadpole! No? Maybe not.

Marty has decided to join the challenge again and she plans on decoration 1 dozen unbreakable red and the same number of gold ornaments with tatting. with a spare for the 25th. In the mean time here is a flower in a ring that she tatted using Jon's method for covering a ring.
Wally tatted an assortment of split ring bracelets that she thought she could sell in a local festival, but the plans for the festival fell through so she will be listing them in her shop.

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