Monday, January 18, 2010

Angels, Hearts, Snowflakes and Motifs

Liyarra tatted a motif from Schiffchenspitze by Tina Frauberger in Lizbeth 115 Springtime size 40. Another motif from the Frauberger book, this one is tatted in Olive green Altin Basak 50. This mellow yellow motif is a design by Iris Niebach from her website tatted in Venus 40. NancyD finished the second bootie from the pattern "GOODIE TWO SHOES" by Mary Konior. Sadly Mary passed away Saturday January 16 and will be greatly missed by the tatting community. The booties are destined for the little feet of Nancy's anticipated grandchild.

Wendy joins the challenge with her 4 Ring Snowflake design tatted in plain white 20 from Flora. She has also started the TIAS which requires a bead for the next step and she's wondering if maybe it's a Cyclops. Cindy used Altin Basak thread size 50 on the MHC Snowflake by Sally Magill found on the Ring of Tatters web page. Peacock heart by Birgit Phelps was tatted with crochet cotton size 20 she received from a coworker which was brought from India. Birgit Phelps Sweetheart pattern is tatted in Lizbeth Denim Whisper size 20. The next heart is from the February 1988 Workbasket magazine tatted in Lizbeth Red Burst, size 20.
Ann is tatting this edging from The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito, #83, tatted in Cebelia #30 as an edging for a doll's pillow. Fox shows us her lamp with all her newest and most beautiful pieces displayed on it. M didn't like the Stawasz book and she's still struggling to finish a snowflake from it, but Masquerade, from the book Tatting With Visual Patterns by Mary Konior was a joy to tat. The thread is Lizbeth size 20, col 613. Hope, from the same book tatted in Lizbeth size 20, col 122. She didn't care for the thread and was just using it up, but found she liked it in this motif after all. Mica has been playing with Teri's double split ring chain which produces a lovely textured look.
Aileen saw pictures of Marthas Ess' variation of Brigit Phelps Super Simple Angel and got some charms to make her own. She began with size 10 Melanie but it seemed too large. So she tried it again with size 20 Milfords although it limited her choice of charms because the size 20 was quite a bit smaller. Ellen finally managed to catch up Jane's new TIAS Day 6. She is using Altin Basak 50 threads.

Heather has TIAS days 5 and 6 done and a darling pyramid container made by her daughter to store it in.

Jeff has done Mary Konior's Windmill motif again this time using white DMC Cordonnet size 20 which avoided that odd spot of colour showing up for the joins with the variegated thread. Jane's TIAS was done in Lizbeth size 20 thread in colour #142 and DMC Cordonnet size 20 in white.

Kelly has Days 5 and 6 of the TIAS done, but like the rest of us she's wondering what it is.

Maria made this star to decorate a cracker, and here is the cracker embellished with some more small motifs. A second cracker with a snowflake tatted from an internet pattern. This motif with red beads in the centre and pearls on the outer rings is Maria's own design. The heart shaped coaster with the tatted motif is part of a Christmas exchange. The delicate white snowflake and star are more Christmas gifts.
Martha is working on Teri's New Wave Doily, a pattern generously shared on Teri's blog.

Wally received this enchanting cat from one of the folks in her Spanish tatting group. The felt oval is surrounded by a row of rings tatted in silver thread with black beads for accent.


Liyarra said...

Nancy - well done on completing both booties!! They look awesome.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Thanks so much, Sharon, for informing us of Mary Konior's passing. She definitely has an honored spot in the Tatters' Hall of Fame. Somehow I knew she entered a 'home', and I wondered how she was doing.

It IS a tribute to Mary to see so many of her patterns continuing to be so popular, and gratifying to see new tatters discover her books.

As always, we appreciate the work you do on these updates.