Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hearts, Earrings, Teapots and TIAS

Stitching Sharon joins the challenge and shows us Mary Konior's Queen of hearts tatted in size 10 Manuela. After she'd done it the first time she tried it again with 2 shuttles in size 20 Lizbeth thread and smaller joining picots. She thinks the colour is called Summer Fun. Liyarra has tatted Hearts Desire pattern designed by Susan Fuller in Lizbeth size 40, Springtime #115. The next motif is the centre of a larger pattern designed by Lene Bjorn tatted in Marilee's Garden Afternoon Size 20. Shanan has created her own HDT in pink and is busy tatting lots of pink things. She tatted one of Teri's heart designs that has a row of split rings outside a circular motif. While playing around with her shuttles she created her own heart design. She was experimenting with dimpled split rings and it morphed into a bookmark. Once she knew what she wanted it to look like, she
used a row of dimpled split rings with a small ring thrown off the bottom that is going to be a bracelet.

Isabel designed a silver bracelet with a centre strip of cluny leaves surrounded by an outer row of beaded pearl tatting. The pattern for the bracelet is available on her blog. Ann has completed Day 7 of TIAS and like the rest of us she's clueless as to what it will finally be.

Katie has a new tatting book & some new thread, a vintage-looking Lizbeth size 40 and she's working on one of the edgings. This one gets attached while you're tatting which is something she hasn't done before.

M has tatted "Faith" from the book Tatting With Visual Patterns by Mary Konior in Lizbeth size 20, col 692. Then she made the "Magic Moment Snowflake" by Jon Yusoff in Lizbeth size 20, col 144.
IsDihara received a charming hand made card with a tatted teapot from Carol along with some tatted samples to be sent to Mothermark to be used in or to inspire a card. Steph tatted "Queen of Hearts" from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns in her memory.

Wanda was working on Susan Fuller's "Heart's Desire" and still having both thread and time on her hands she though she'd add a second round to make it into a small doily. It's not quite what she envisioned, but it does carry the same feel as the original heart. Alan tatted Birgit Phelps wonderful "Sweetheart" pattern in silver wire to make a pendant and plans on making earrings next. He also has a cross and a snowflake pendants done in silver wire and notes that wire is not nearly as forgiving as thread.

Bev couldn't fine her peach thread for Day 6 of TIAS so she used the colour that was handy, however she did find her little bag of "eyes" handy for making critters.
Ellen tatted a lucky clover paperclip as a thank you for the ATC hostess. She has day 7 of the TIAS done and she thinks that maybe it's a rooster or a peacock.
Heather has a new project in the works but she's not telling us what it is.
Wally has been tatting Marilee's pattern "Keyed Up" in various colours with various types of beads. This one was done in size 10 white with a turquoise color bicone and a 6mm rocaille bead.


Unknown said...

I made a tea pot based in a picture of Martha Ess, thre's the link

Sharon said...

Christy's post has a NING link which is not accessible unless you join that group.

Alba Alicia Frivolité said...

I would also like to participate in this clallenge. I have made two motifs in 2010. Both are my own designs and both are very simple.

My pictures are here:

Unknown said...

ok, another link

the original designs is from the book tea is for tatting by Martha ess