Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year, Secret Santas, more snowflakes and other treasures

Heather has a lovely assortment of shuttles in her Etsy shop. Very pretty Heather.

Kathy shows us one of her first 3-D bell designs - 1992. She created the bell in 1992 and used a photo of it for her Christmas card that year. The bell itself is about 3" high.

Tattingchic wishes for herself and everyone else, a much better year in 2009. She also shows us the first of her "snowflakes of the month from Fairiebees.

Carol is sharing pictures of the Secret Santa she sent to L.B. Locke. She also has pictures of what Bina sent to her.

Jeff has joined the ranks of fans tatting Jon's Quantiesque snowflake. He tatted it in lovely Valdani thread and plans to tat more of them.

Margaret found her tatting needles while searching for a recipe to make for her church potluck supper. She didn't find the recipe but tatted this lovely blue medallion.

Iris has redone her lovely collar in grey wool with metallic. It is lovely. She is working on the 3rd one now.

Joy has made another of her lovely little ornaments by tatting around a cut-out from a holiday card. So sweet!

Vinnie is our newest addition to the challenge. I'm starting with her progress on a lovely butterfly. She has also made several pair of earrings. One design she has named Eva after the Wall-e movie.

Carol has a picture of her "Thread Bear" and shares her tatting resolutions with us.
Jon has a picture of her Quantiesque snowflake tatted by Clyde in Marilee's Fern size 50.
Laura finished her Starlight doily in Tatskool's Coral Reef size 20 just in time to post it before the new year.
Marilee gives us patterns for earrings, a snowflake, a bookmark and a Victorian edging. Thank you Marilee.
Pamela has so many beautiful things to show us, you are just going to have to check it out. She got lovely American gifts from her friend Kat. She also shows us more snowflakes. I particularly like the ones she did from a Wally Sosa pattern.
Sharon is tatting really sweet square motifs and shows us how they would look joined together. The first are in a sort of burgundy color and the last ones are white. Very pretty.
Sherry got lots of great gifts from Heather. She also found some really neat beads in Seoul that are inspiring lots of new ideas.

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