Monday, December 29, 2008

Tallented Tatters, Snowflakes and Angels

Heather is tatting a motif and she is going to surprise us with what it is. She is using a clay shuttle that she made herself.

Ellen who is so wonderfully talented shows us what she sent to Pamela for the Secret Santa Exchange and it includes an angel that she calls Angel Pam which is motif #19 of the challenge and a beautiful snowflake bookmark.

Aileen shows us the treasure trove of gifts that she received from her better half and Secret Santa. There are also pictures of a snowflake and bookmarks and items for the Secret Santa Exchange that she tatted.

Iris has 2 new designs that she is working on. One is for a one round collar. I don't know about you but I eagerly await the finished project as Iris is very talented and her designs are always a delight.

I have tatted the "Quantiesque" Snowflake in HDT. It really is pretty to see.
Jon is very pleased with all the tatters who have tatted her "Quantiesque" Snowflake and has listed the blogs who have posted pictures.
Marty has posted a picture of ornament #9 done in green and red. Very pretty.
Pamela has posted pictures of the goodies she received from Ellen Lai and some beaded versions of Jon's snowflakes.
Bob has posted a picture of his version of Darlene Pilachic's Ice Crystals Snowflake.

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Stephanie said...

Hello and Happy New Year! I'd like to join in the challenge this year, if that's OK. You can find my first motif at Thanks!