Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hearts, Shuttles and New Techniques

Vinnie made a lock shaped motif in block tatting using two techniques. Jane Eborall's for the center and Martha Ess for the outer rings.

Tattingchic has two of Georgia's tatting shuttles on display as well as a work in progress that I think a lot of us will recognize.

Anne has done a piece of homework from the on-line tatting class from last year but instead of using Coronation Cord she used ribbon. Very pretty Anne.

Diane ended up with some unexpected free time so she used it to tat some edging to use up the thread on a few shuttles she has. Very nice shuttles Diane.

Wally is really in the mood for tatting hearts. Motif 14 and 15 are designed by Jon Yusoff and are called Jon's Heart and Heart's Entwined. Motif's 16 and 17 are Two Hearts as One designed by Martha Ess and where meant to be woven together but Wally lost the directions so she left them separate. They look very nice on there own Wally.

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I've just found this website and wonder if I can join up to tat 25 motifs this year. I've managed one so far! My blog is at