Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snowflakes, Hearts and Edgings

Angie tatted Nancy Tracy's Clover Drop Heart, a fun and quick pattern.Vinnie has been busy tatting but neither her lace nor her pictures are working out. Ancolie tatted a vintage edging in blue and white. Wanda tatted Jon's Quantiesque snowflake in DMC size 30 threads, light pink and light green for her daughter. Ais has been trying out some new techniques. Maltese rings were a bit of a challenge but she found help online ad thinks she has it figured out now. Then she tried adding beads to her tatting but she thinks she needs a simple pattern to experiment with. Wendy is working on another edging for the challenge, this one in a very fine vintage thread.
Aileen tatted Christel Weidmann's cow from Tatting Farm Animals in time for the Year of the Ox, made in size 20 Coats. Diane used up the thread n her clover shuttles tatting the Easy Bookmark and Heart from the Learn to Tat book by Janette Baker. Jeff redid Ruth's Celtic snowflake in Oren Bayan Metallic thread in Gold #032. Lots of sparkly in this one. Sherry used size 20 Apricot Mousse hand dyed silk for this motif and she has posted a tutorial showing different ways of tatting rings for different effects. Wally tatted this heart by Karey Solomon from her book "Heart Belong to Tatting" This one is called Heart of the Rose made in DMC Petra #8 in pink and ecru.

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