Thursday, January 08, 2009

2009 Changes to the Challenge

Administration note:
We currently have 33 first time participants and 15 repeat participants in the challenge, which means that the update team has to visit about 50 blogs to present the information in a condensed form for your enjoyment. In the past we have also visited the blogs of 25 past participants who continue to post lots of fun tatting things. Because the participation has grown so much we just can't keep up with it, so we will no longer be visiting the blogs of past participants and reporting on it here. However if there is good reference information like the tutorials Jon has done, or something of special note that we become aware of we will try to make mention of it. You will notice that the links in the side bar have been broken into current and past participants so that you can easily check any of the links for yourself at any time.

Kelly is new to the challenge and she already has her first 3 pieces done. Her first motif is the Celtic Style Christmas Wreath by Birgit Phelps done for an Iris friend. The snowflake is from Ruth Perry's (Rozella Linden) book Easy Tatting. Her third motif is a square version of the snowflake from the same book that she plans to keep adding to and make a table runner. Angie has the second round on the toe of the baby bootie done.
Steph's second motif is Pam Palmer's Miniature Peacock from Tatting Treats, tatted in Sherry's size 80 'Helms Deep' with blue beads for the eyes in the feathers. His body is DMC color 3747, very light gray.
Vinnie finished off the cross she had been working on and the colour choices really make the pattern pop. It's in the Priscilla Tatting Book1 available from the Antique pattern library. She used split rings for the corners and avoided an lot of extra ends to hide. Here's the finished celtic motif she was working on and it looks like the stitch count worked out. I think it's pretty terrific for a design worked on the fly. Just to use up the thread on the shuttles here are some little squares.
Wanda tatted Micheal's snowflake,made in DMC size 10 with silver beads. The red one is one she designed a few weeks earlier, in maroon DMC size 10, with white pearl beads.
Carolyn has tatted Simplicity by Lyn Morton from "Tatting Patterns" in size 10 thread and it's 2 3/4" across.
Heather tatted this small motif with her "the tropics" HDT and she thinks her shuttle tatted chains need a bit of work. She started playing with a 2 shuttle piece which eventually evolved into Teri Dusenbury's Wheel of Fortune Snowflake Pattern in her curried pink HDT and white. The pink should be in her shop soon.
Joy finally got around to sewing the lace onto a pillowcase that she's had finished for weeks. The picture and the lace are a perfect match.
Wally finally has an internet connection again and although she's been tatting she hasn't been able to post anything. This heart is her newest challenge motif a pattern by Nancy Tracy from Be-Stitched. She used the pink and blue El Beida perle #8 I had left on the shuttles.

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