Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snowflakes, Hearts and Maltese Teapot

Charlotte tatted the Winter Crystal Snowflake from Samantha Melnychuk's A Veritable Tatted Blizzard, then she paused to learn how to tat a split ring. Seeing a video of another tatter was a real eye opener for someone who is self taught. Welcome to the club we all tat a little bit different all we all enjoy what we do.
Kelly has been tatting with size 80 thread and it's really tiny compared to what she is used to it's a Rachel Jackson pattern called Celtic Valentine Heart Earrings. Then she tatted it in Altin Basak.The doily is called "That Medallion Again" which goes back to the first medallion she learned when she first started to tat.
Jill tatted Jon's "Quantiesque" snowflake again this time using a solid colour Manuela size 20 blue 05 and variegated 202 on the second round. She really likes how it turned out and may mount it in a coaster. The tiny bear is one of Patti Duff's Mini Tats which was perfect for using up left over thread.
Angie tatted Immortal Heart by tatmom and she thinks she put in an extra picot but can't see it in the picture. She has also made her very own Ringtrim from Anne's pattern.
Ancolie tatted a flower with beads which she found challenging to do, The she tried a pattern from Judith Connors Creative Tatting with Beads, Shuttle and Needle. They both look beautiful to me.
Caroline tatted Kira's Star by Birgit Phelps in size 20 thread and it's 3 3/4" diameter
TattingChic was sent photos of some exquisite tatting and she shares them on her blog. She also shows a beautiful altered art journal she received ans show how she plans to use it to keep her tatting bits in it.
Nita is experimenting with interlaced picots and came up with this little flower. It's adorable.
Bonnie tatted one of Jon's bookmarks, called "Bookmark with Overlapping Chains" using Pamela aka Tatskool's size 40 Rainbow Bright HDT. She is contemplating attending the Hector event, but she's not sure about going when she may not know anyone there.
Anne had a lot of pink and green thread left from making tatting videos and she tested a motif. It's a pretty motif and an even prettier doily.
Bev tatted an adaptation of "Baskets Full of Posies" a design by Karey Solomon from her book, Make Many Merrily. Then she tatted this heart named ``Heartfelt`` in pink Flora size 20.
Carol tatted Wanda`s tree and bell and added them to some Christmas cards. She received some cream coloured gloves fro Christmas and thought they would look good with some navy tatting. The edging is from a Dover book "Tatting Doilies & Edgings" by Rita Weiss. She used Oren Bayan 50 color #747 Navy with silver lined crystal beads. The motif on the top of the glove is from Patty Duff's "Mini Tats Book" Mofif #21. Isn't it wonderful how a bit of tatting can add such glamour to plain gloves? Heather spent some much needed time relaxing and came up with this lovely tatted flower.
Margaret attended the London Lacers meeting and learned how to do the cloth stitch in bobbin lace before finishing needle tatting a blue motif in Altin Basak # 50. Then when she got home she finished the same motif done in wool on a wool tatting needle. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a wool tatting needle.
Martha shows us the lovely Maltese Teapot which is the project for the class she will be teaching at Hector. Doesn't it make you want to run right out and sign up?
Wally decided liked the sequin necklace I did and used the same idea to create a sequin heart. . The white thread is DMC Petra #8 and the pink is El Beida and the sequins are a deep fuchsia. Then she tweaked the pattern a little and she`s not sure if she should write out both variations or just one. The button heart pattern is by Inga Kristersen from Denmark. Her next heart Ellen's design for January which she uses to decorate paper clips to use as bookmarks. Wally did it again with beads in Iris Niebach`s style. Then she had an idea and tatted it for these darling interwoven hearts. That finishes her challenge again. Time to start another one.

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