Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Christmas in July Tatting

It has taken me several days to get through all of the blogs and do this update, due mostly to the fact that a lot of folks had Christmas in July packages to share. I am sure that I could start immediately on the next post and there will still be lots to show, so bear with me if your pictures have been posted but they're not here yet. I'll get them on the next round.
Eva has posted a picture of her Christmas in July package.
Elizabeth posts her Christmas in July package.
Sylvia shares a little mat that was one of Jennifer Williams' exercises for
the Cardiff Picots. Her next piece is a Mary Konier design in a delicate peach Manuella. Then another of Jennifer's stretch your mind exercises, which has beads on double picots, and lots of switching shuttles on the last round. Followed by her Christmas in July package.
Eliz shows us her teddy bear that Georgia plans to use in the online class again.
Sapna has finished Iris Niebach's "Beatrice" using Marilee's "Lola" HDT and she took another picture of "Cornelia" on a white background.
Norma shows her Christmas in July package.
Bob's Christmas in July partner created a tatted bike for him along with the other goodies he received.
Bev is working on a mixed media project which will incorporate Mary Konior's Crooked Mile edging but no picture yet.
Aileen has her Christmas in July package on display.
Ellen's Christmas in July package hasn't arrived yet, but in the interim she has posted the package she sent.
Ais has started the tatalong doily all over again, this time in size 5. The first time she ran out of thread, but this time she is already on the chains of round 5 and this doily is really big.
Nita tatted a version of Linda Davies Stargazer Lily, making up the leaves herself. She used Manuela variegated orange/yellow size 20, with light yellow chains running down the middle in #40 Olympus.

TattingChic made the clover drop heart pattern from Be~Stitched for a friend's birthday. It was tatted in DMC Perle' size 8 #3689.
Shirley has her Christmas in July package posted.
Tara finished this heart from Martha Ess' book Tat's Amore a couple of weeks ago. She tatted the scrunchie from Wally's book Up to the Hair, but didn't have enough of the same kind of bead so she used different beads throughout.
Jeanne created this bookmark which she is calling stacked crosses. She's not quite satisfied with it yet so she's going to think it over for a while. She tatted Paprika the dragon again and had better success with getting it to look right this time. Since the dragon was going to a little boy with a little sister, Jeanne tatted Jane Eborall's fairy in a variegated size 10 J. & P. Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen. It's crappy thread to work with but it came in the right colours. Which just goes to show that even crappy threads have their uses.
Kathy Niklewicz is joining the challenge. You may remember that I posted about her gorgeous tatting in February I can't wait to see what she posts. So far the pictures on her blog are the adorable slippers she designed and an amazing Victorian doll.
Alan is another tatter joining the challenge and his alter ego's name is Joyful. His first entry for the challenge is one of Iris' doilies.
Wally is still tatting flowers. This one is a pattern from my newsletter that was made as a decoration for a napkin ring, but Wally has plans to make the band longer so that she can use it as a head band. The white thread is DMC Cebelia #20 and the red is El Beida perle #8. The next flower is from Aunt Ellen's Tatting Handbook made in Finca perle #16.
Joy shows us her Christmas in July package. She made a candle from a Workbasket magazine in size 10 thread for the Christmas in July package she sent. Mark created a new swan design that she has tatted but she's not sure what she'll do with it yet. She took 4 first place ribbons, 3 seconds and 1 3rd in the farm show. Congratulations, well done! Now she's taken on crazy quilting and she'll have something else to add tatting to. Maybe that's where the swan should go.
Diane is working on a lot of tatted crosses and she has some ideas for HDT thread colours.
Pamela has finished her second second Eleanora from Iris Neibach's Tatted Doilies in her own HDT called Blue Lagoon.
Arlene has her podcast updated again and she shared her Christmas in July package.
Clyde had the opportunity to share his tatting with a lady of 87 who use to tat.
Mark's bobbin lace Schneeberger rose got first place in its category and GRAND CHAMPION overall category at the fair and he has posted 2 new patterns.
Jon has posted her Christmas in July package.
Laura has completed Jon's bookmark in size 80 Rhubarb Pie and it took 19.5 yards of thread.
Melissa has been showing others how to CQ, embroider and tat.
Sherry has been busy and she posted the Christmas in July package that she sent, her tatting thread journal of colours she's keeping in her Etsy shop, her completed Royal Diadem Doily, "Treebeard the Ent", her new earth tone, excuse me, tree tone colour, and her latest vibrant colour, "Tropicana".
Kathy has posted her Christmas in July package.
Martha posted the awesome bike she tatted for Bob.
Gina has posted the August Mystery Motif.

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