Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fair, Wedding Bazaar, and Presents

Here is Anne's second version of the Design Challenge snowflake using Oren Bayan size 50 and the colour variations worked out perfectly.
Sapna has "Cornelia" completed in Tourmaline HDT. In the same thread, Sapna tatted a heart necklace for a friend, who is getting married and leaving the country. Her next project is Iris Neibach's "Beatrice" using Sherry's thread and working with one of her new shuttles from Grizzly Mountain Arts.
Norma worked this bookmark in size 30 crochet cotton and it will probably be placed in the fall bazaar. The tatted butterfly heart is Karey Solomon's pattern and it's her 25th motif which has been placed in a prominent position on a Hearts and Flowers CQ block along with some other tatted pieces.
Mrs John and her sister are working on a butterfly display. All of these were made by her sister Karen, mostly from The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones. The Adonis Blue-Boy and the the Painted Lady pattern are by Roger aka Freedman at the NeedleTattingTwo group.
Shay needle tatted the Scalloped Edging, from Weldon's Practical Teneriffe Lace and Irish Tatting in vintage Clark's Boilfast Cotton, size 30.
Jeff has started the "Lucky Clover" doily from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson. The thread is a 2 ply rayon thread that is about the same size as a size 50 thread from Gale at Tat's All, called Accent in a Mediterranean Blue. Note the FOUR ends, right at the end the thread broke and Jeff had to add in thread just to finish the round. Don't you just hate when that happens so close to the finish line? I love the colour, but then, I love blue.
Bonnie tatted Julie Patterson's Hearts and Flower Cross Bookmark pattern using Marilee's, size 30 "Roses" HTD. She's not sure about putting a tassel on it because there doesn't seem to be an easy place to join one on.
Ais had thread left on the shuttle and manged to tat half of of Mary Konior's Masquerade in this cute variegated colour.
TattingChic has posted pictures of some hand carved flat shuttles that are part of a blog anniversary give away.
Tara tatted Jeanne Lugert's rose and added them to a green tatted cover for a Christmas ball last year. It's gorgeous and made before she started the challenge. I think we should tell her it doesn't count, just so we can see more of her tatting. She used the same rose embellishment on a garter pattern by Gina Butler for a friend's wedding and it's just magnificent.
Joy finally has her Farm Show entries ready. It's hard to decide which one I like the best.
Mary is working on her vine edging and she took a break to add tatting to this ivory coloured heart.
Diane took lots of tatting and patterns with her to work on while in Alabama with her mother.
Pamela is tatting more of Iris' doilies in yummy colours.
Mark has posted pictures of the trip to visit Kim's folks and all the laces he did. Warning: Drool bib required to visit his blog!
Jon finished the tatalong doily and posted a bookmark with overlapping chains including the pattern.
Snowy is working with her first batch of HDT and finding it's a learning process.
Marilee shows us the "Lacy Treasure" pendant she is using in class. Lucky class.
Sherry has Middle Earth HDT in silk ready
Gina is still testing the August Mystery Motif and she has posted an assortment of things she has plans to tat with.

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