Monday, August 25, 2008

Barettes, Butterfly, Balloon, Bangles and Beads

Heather has some ideas for making beaded necklaces, but she's running into some problems because either the thread breaks or the beads break. Her next motif started as one design that merged into 3 and she shares the pattern with us. Also included is the pattern for her Blue Summer set necklace and 4 pairs of earrings. Her Whatzit is an intricate celtic design done first in yarnish stuff called Lilly Cotton Sugar 'n Cream Twists, a 4ply cotton in Summer Twist colour. Her next sample is in in purple red and blue is the usual size 10 thread 5 needle and again the pattern is given.

Alan was inspired by Jan Stawasz to create a barrettes by first covering the blank with black velvet and then attaching it to the clip. The tatting which is Valiere squares, in Flora #20 was attached with fabric tac. Alan has plans to do an oval variation.
Kathy N is showing us the treasures she has tatted over the years. The fan quilt tree skirt embellished with tatting makes a perfect base for a Christmas tree covered with Victorian ornaments many of which she designed herself. She'll be showing us some of these as her 25 motifs.
Jeanne has tatted Christal Wutzmer's Cluny Butterfly in Sherry's size 20 Silk HDT called Rainbow Sherbet. She adjusted the stitch count a little to lay flatter for her.
Nita tatted this hot air balloon in size 10 thread. The pattern is from an old White Birches book that doesn't give the designer's name. The needle felted bear is her own design with a tiny tatted flower on her head. Nita expects to enter it in the Los Angeles County Fair in September.
Aileen has completed the third dragon for her group. This one is Pam Palmer's dragon done in size 30 Omega thread. Aileen shows us what she uses to cap her teeny tiny hooks to keep them from poking through things. Zarina, her exchange partner sent her some lovely HDT in size 40 which she loves and Kira's tatted star. Aileen sent her partner Nivedita in India, Ice Crystal from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson done in 20 Omega. This is her 25th motif and she thinks she'll start another 25.
Bonnie tatted Aladdian from Jon's Snowflake Collection in Sherry's Spring Poppies which seemed a little vivid for a snowflake so she re-did it in Marilee's size 50 "Snowflake" HDT.
Jeff has added a complimentary variegated thread colour as the outer round on his doily which is making an interesting but subtle change to the doily's appearance. He has also remarked that the negative space reminds him of teddy bears and now that he's mentioned it I can't stop seeing them.
Moni has spent the evenings while the baby is sleeping tatting. The first set of earrings are her first try at double picots. She has tatted some lace for the barrette, an is wondering how she can attach it. Check out the posting I did on Mounting Lace on a Barrette. Next she made another set of earrings. The necklace isn't quite wearable but she loves the green colour thread with the pale pink beads. Her next necklace is wearable, as are the 2 pendants.
Tami finished the Beaded Candle holder she was working on but the iridescent beads don't show up well in the photo.
Elizabeth lost her information on where she found this pattern but it's probably one of the vintage patterns that can be found in the Antique Pattern Library. She used one of Marilee's threads called "Tigereye" in size 20, and the focal bead is a vintage style button.
This is another of Terry's Synchronized Snowflakes, except that it's a starfish by Lisa Trumble. Hmmm. Must have been too warm and one of the snowflake's arms melted.
Anne is having trouble with her internet access and keeping the promise to herself not to start using sewing thread. This shiny Sulky thread made her fall off the wagon. It makes really tiny tatting.Bev shares her Christmas in July package.
Joy finished 13 of the 20 ornaments she planned on during the Olympics. The patterns are from numerous places as well as a couple of her own! That makes a good start to her next 25 motifs.
Martha has been tatting away on her motifs but I thought she was done. I was too stupid to notice that she was neatly numbering them for me so that I'd know where she was at. So here are all the motifs I didn't blog about when I should have. We have a bird of a different sort with lots of techniques used in it, the Smiley Snowflake was inspired by Jane's Emotitats and Sequin Share a Tat, and of course there's Jane's TIAS named Mary, along with her little lamb. Bob's Bike is in a league of it's own, with it's sequin wheels. Then there's the Christmas in July package she received. The snowflake is from "Big Book of Tatting" by Darlene Polachic done in size 50 Cordonette and it reminds Martha of vintage patterns that are mostly single shuttle, ring only designs. The teapot that took her 9 tries to get right is worked in size 100 thread and it's just exquisite. Now she's on to Anne's dragon done in two variegated size 8 pearl cottons which is beautiful, but not quite as spectacular as she had hoped for.
Carol has posted her Christmas in July picture.
Clyde is putting aside the Party Time Doily from Traditional Tatting Patterns in Marilee's "Tourmaline" HDT size 80 to test tat Linda's Starburst doily.
Diane has finished "Cornelia" from Tatted Doilies by Iris Niebach in Sherry's size 20 HDT in Citrus Limon rings and Guacamole chains. All you folks naming HDT have got to stop with the food names, you'll have people eating it instead of tatting with it.
Gina is displaying the tatting sent in an exchange package which include 2 of Eliz's patterns, the teddy bear and the twin butterflies.
Jon made a change to her blog that made in unreadable in IE so she has changed it back.
Kathy has been using her exchange threads on planes, trains and in stations making an assortment of edgings and motifs.
Laura tatted Anne's dragon in Marilees's "Fern" HDT size 20. Check out Laura's Attic for more goodies.
Marilee has a necklace design in progress.
Mark has another Bruges Bobbin Lace project done and his cholesterol is coming down.Way to go Mark.
Marty tatted Iris Niebach's "Milena" from the book Tatted Doilies made in Marilee's size 80 "Rhubarb Crisp".
Mary and her granddaughter have been tatting Christel Weidmann's farm animals.
Norma shows us a garden glove embellished with tatting and filled with gravel to make a perfect weight or third hand to hold things in place. How very clever. Check out the tatted jewellery on the glove.
Ruth announces Fall Mini Tat Camp 2008 at her home in Lebanon, Ohio Saturday, October 18.
Sapna has finished 2 of Iris' doilies, Eleanora which gave her problems and Margerite which didn't, both done in HDT.
I finished a snowflake so big DH called it an Elephant flake. It's almost as big as the headache caused by what's behind it.
Sherry got went half way around the world to meet a tatting friend and got to give her a refresher course on split rings. Sherry is working on a HDT edging for a project and it looks terrific.
Snowy has taken on some new projects, the "tat-a-long" doing LaRae's Celtic bookmark on Bidouillette's site and blogging about her tatting in french for her french friends.

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