Monday, August 11, 2008

Second Anniversary

Administration Note We started this challenge 2 years ago with a handful of people. Some of them finished their first 25 and started all over again, some finished and went on to other things, some got busy with life and weren't able to finish. Over the duration of the challenge we have had 98 people sign up and share with us their tatting. It has been so much fun watching the progress, that even when people were finished the challenge, it was hard not to continue following their adventures. We currently have 43 people actively engaged in the challenge and keeping up with them all is increasingly difficult.

I know a lot of people have come to rely on this blog for their regular tatting fix so I was wondering if several people have a couple of hours to help doing updates to keep things current. If you are willing to help out could you email me please? sharon at gagechek dot com

Jeff has some neat things to show; a matched tatting bag and shuttle case from Jane Eborall. Jane calls the bags roly poly bags. It's modeled with one of Sherry's ceramic shuttles and Jeff is wondering if Jane could make specialized padded shuttle cases just for the purpose of protecting the ceramic shuttles. Jeff bought a mouse pad and mug from Herrschners designed for holding cross stitch but Jeff shows the mouse pad with his doily in progress in it.
Aileen has joined the HBT Olympic celebrations with 4 motifs from Jon's "Snowflake Collection" done in size 20 Coats and DMC threads.
Shirley has posted the front and back of Abby's Celtic thnail tatted in size 10 thread because she didn't have the colours she wanted to use in 20 or 30.
This cluny motif is Jeanne's first attempt at cluny tatting and she plans on several more as part of the HBT Olympic event.
Bev tatted Gil Fischer's Alphabet "S" using a pink, lavender and blue variegated Rubi thread and Joy Reno's icicle adapted as ear rings for S. Fuller, her x-change recipient. The Plain Rosary done in Marilee's HDT in lavender is Jeanne's design and Bev plans to give this to the young, Catholic woman who comes and checks on her oxygen concentrator. The little thank you card is from a Cross pattern in Lindsay Rodger's book, "Tatting Collage" made in Flora gold size 50. The Flute Player, a Kokopelli figure designed by Jane Eborall was tatted in lavender size 20 Flora and the whole head, not just the eye, is a magnetic hematite bead. She's working on some mixed media projects intended as presents, so they're not being shown yet.
Diane and Laura got together for a visit and shared tatting over lunch. After seeing the earrings Laura made, Diane is doing some for her Mom.
Mark shows some of his IOLI finds and pictures of his bobbin lace doily which is finally off the pillow.
Jon has a new bookmark with a lot of "8's" in it.
Marilee is showing us another tease from her upcoming book.
Laura had a lovely time visiting Diane, but no tatting pictures yet.
Sherry is getting another niece or nephew so she's tatting baby bootees and she has some custom dyed thread colours to show.
Martha shows her Christmas in July package and a lovely tatted motif from the "Big Book of Tatting" by Darlene Polachic.
Gina has tatted Anne's dragon and it's currently hiding in her mousepad.

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