Thursday, August 07, 2008

There are dragons on the loose.

Anne says the dragons are multiplying. No wonder, she's made the pattern available in PDF form on her web site here.
Jeff won in Gina's drawing and received a lovely batch of goodies including a number of tatted sea creatures.
TattingChic won the Lady Hoare style shuttle from Noreen's blog draw.
Shirley likes to tat from the Japanese tatting book even though she doesn't understand the language, the diagrams are clear enough to follow without any text. The motif is done in a variegated purple size 70 thread. The cat and the earrings are from Rebecca Jones book "The Complete Book of Tatting". The cat was tatted in ecru size 70 thread, while the earrings were made in white size 70 with pearlized beads.The green tree is from the DMC "Festive Tatting" tatted in size 30 DMC Cordinnet Special. The turtle is of course from Mark Myers' pattern, tatted with size 30 Cordinnet Special for a friend to add to her collection for her 70th birthday.
Jeanne received an envelope from her family which contained her Great Aunt Hazel's shuttle. What a lovely surprise. Jeanne joins the growing ranks of HDT addicts. These angels needed for a gift are Nancy Tracy's pattern done in some unknown rayon thread and an HDT in size 10 that she bought on ebay from klmattox.
Diane has tatted 2 more gift bookmarks and explains why they may become obsolete.
Joyce has her round robin doily back and it's gorgeous.
Mark had a great time at the IOLI convention and met up with a lot of familiar faces.
Marilee had a delightful time at the IOLI convention and had a chance to photograph Kate Henry's collection of laces.

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