Sunday, August 31, 2008

Christmas motifs and more

Happy birthday Tattingchic. Looks like she's good oodles of birthday goodies. Aren't we all jealous!

Ellen won a tatted heart from umintsuru in a Pastel Heart Giveaway. Congratulations! She's mounted it on the black foam cover of a notebook. Congratulations! She also shows off some of the cards that her children made for Teachers' Day.

Barbara's tatted up Julie Patterson's Candy Cane. Getting all ready for Christmas I see!

Bob's did great progress in his challenge with 6 new tats on his site! Roger Friedman's oval doily in DMC 80, A small coaster in DMC 50, his solid attempt at ric-rac tatting, a small clover in DMC 50, a tiny circle in DMC 80 which I think looks like a Christmas wreath, and a doily which he sent to Riet for the HBT Christmas in July exchange.

Iris shares with us Pamela's rendition of her snowflake. The pattern for her flake can be found here.
BJ's done up a cluny from Rosmarie Peel's book, Tatting for Pleasure which she's making into a lovely pin for a friend. She's still struggling with blocking chains. She's also working on an edging for a hankie as well as a table runner for her daughter! Busy busy busy!
Wally's working on a pattern from Aunt Ellen's Tatting Handbook in Finca perle 16. I've never heard of this thread but it's looking great.
Diane's having more fun with Christel Wiedmann's patterns. This time with Design no 3!
Sherry's finally got down to Jane's TIAS. She's a little upset at how 'unmanageable' her hair came out but I think it makes her look like a mermaid!
Snowy's finished a lovely celtic bookmark - it's gorgeous!


Unknown said...

Awwww...thanks for the happy birthday wishes, Sharon!

Sharon said...

Thanks to Aileen who has done the last couple of updates.