Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Are Geckos and Dragons related?

The Hand Dyed Hues Thread that Clyde has been using spoiled him and now he's decided that the tablecloth he's been working on is going to stay a runner, so that he doesn't have to go back to using an inferior thread. Good thread makes a world of difference.

Snowy has been talking to Laura and posted some pictures of some lacy looking flowers that would make good tatting subjects.

Laura has decided to continue working on the Pyramid Orchid mat using Flora and Cebelia threads and she's hoping that it stays flat.

Pamela has been after Jane to create a gecko pattern and after a little prodding Jane created a gecko, and then another and another, until she had a whole jacket covered in geckos. Check out the pictures on her blog. Pamela gave the pattern a test run and created this little guy. Isn't he sweet? I didn't know geckos could turn their toes up. See Pamela's blog for lots of interesting things about geckos.
Melissa had an opportunity to visit a favorite antique shop and she found some wonderful vintages laces to add to her crazy quilting. Amongst the finds were a pair of delicate lace fingerless gloves which Melissa plans to wear to their next formal.

Sherry's hand is still healing from the dog attack and being unable to work on her pottery she's had more time for other things. She began a tatted design for her aunt and she's not sure what it will become. She finished tatting the white lace border for the hanky she was working on and she likes the simple elegance of it.

Wendy has finished her move and started the unpacking at the other end. The family took time out to enjoy a family reunion over the weekend, a nice break from packing and unpacking. Wendy has started a flicker group for hand made rugs. There's lots of eye candy for anyone who's interested.

Anne has some new origami books and she's been trying out some of the models. Anne has also been tatting this dragon which should have had beads but she didn't have any that would fit the thread. Maybe later on she'll design her own dragon. The round motif is from an old magazine.


choko said...

I watched this MOTIF with the blog of the Barbara some time ago. Very beautiful!!

Bhavani said...

A very busy 6 months. Been attending Aari embroidery classes a type of ethnic Indian embroidery.
My son finished his schooling in March. Been busy taking him to various cities to attend Entrances conducted by various colleges.
He has joined Computer Science and Engineering in Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore. Classes commenced two days ago.
My husband got his transfer order. So, now it is a new state, a new language, new friends, a new school for my other son - not to mention new friends.
To top it all, the house allotted for our use is under repair. We are staying in the house opposite.
Most of our things are still in cartons.
I hope I can still meet the challenge.