Monday, July 23, 2007

Phoenix, Poppies and Earwig Earrings

Ruth has tatted a Phoenix in honour of the latest Harry Potter book. How wonderfully imaginative.
Sharol has completed her 25 motives with a butterfly for her jeans purse and a hanky edging. Way to go Sharol.Arlene has gone back to knitting socks and she's wondering if we could do some inspirational tatting podcasts to keep people entertained. Hmmm, we'll have to think about that.

Mark is back from his holidays and he's discovered some lacy leaves while gardening. I agree, God makes some amazing stuff, if we'll only take the time to look for it.

Jon has created a lovely rosette doily from a motif she designed. She has also posted the pattern for her diamond square motif.
Everything seems to be going wrong for Snowy. She has a new David Reed Smith shuttle and some new threads to work with but the tatting just isn't coming out right. Sounds to me like an over tired tatter, at least that's my problem when all my tatting seems to go crazy. That's when it's time to take a page from Ann Wilson's book, and count twice, close once.Marilee has created a wonderful pendant with mock rings using her "rhubarb pie" thread.Laura is planning another gecko with sparkly beads to wear on her shoulder.

Eliz's tatting time has been hampered by her need to do some college courses and home projects. She'll get back into the swing of things when her routine gets back to normal.

Melissa has been working on another CQ block incorporating some tatting. At the Palmetto Tatters Meeting she learned how to make Jane Eborall's earwig earrings and turned hers into a pendant.
Sherry received the DMC book of charted design and had to dive right into it. The teaser pattern she showed us earlier turned out to be a triangular motif. The colours remind me of Victorian lace. The first design tatted from her new book is a cross, but after it was done Sherry decided to add another round using some of Marilee's hand dyed size 80 thread. It looks wonderful. Wendy is showing the yo-yos from a swap, some new baby items for the store, and some quilt blocks she's working with.

Laurie has already finished 8 motives for the challenge and she thinks that she'll be making a lot of needlebooks and bookmarks to give as gifts. One of the nice things about this challenge is that there are a lot of people who keep checking in on you and keep you motivated to complete.

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