Saturday, July 14, 2007

Snowflakes, Cuffs, Bags and More

Ruth has been having fun in the sun and tatting snowflakes in July. Wow. I hope it keeps snowing. Hey everyone, don't forget to share those patterns for the Tatting Pattern Calendar. This isn't a one person project, it's a collective project, so dust off your designing hats and get cracking.
Clyde has posted pictures of his tropical garden.

Barbara shares her 24th motif, it's the last one she's doing for the shawl. O goody, now I get to see the finished shawl! This motif is Rose without the leaf by Lisa Trumble done with Anchor variegated 20. Barbara's last motif will be a gift.

Sharon has posted some information on the differences between needle tatting and shuttle tatting.

Laura has been working on her pyramid mat adding in new colours. Now she's thinking about changing the green. There are lots of possibilities here with rounds done in different shades of green so that the green(s) get darker with each round or alternating light and dark or checkerboard light and dark or... you get the idea.

Charlene has just acquired some vintage threads and a marvelous little thread holder for smaller balls of thread.

Melissa has made an adorable lace cuff for her sister. She used vintage lace and a tatted flower topped with a pearl bead.

Sherry is entering this tatted bag in a book submission and she's wondering which picture looks better. What do you think?

With the move, her budget is tight, so Wendy is embroidering butterflies on a curtain for her daughter, who wants lots of butterflies in her new room.. What a lovely thing to create, a one of a kind treasure.

Anne has posted a lovely picture of a landscape without the English translation. It's OK the picture doesn't nee explanation.

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laurie in maine said...

I would like to join your 25 motif challenge, please :) I've been needle tatting about 3 weeks and came up with first design on my own last week...a basket for a postcard.

Details on my blog for the basket this entry: