Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tatting is alive and well - here's the lace to prove it

I apologize for the sparse posting, but household maintenance has eaten up most of my available time this week.

Ruth made an adorable flower pendant and she's used the same design to make earrings. As a tatting giveaway she makes Snippette the tatted celtic knot snail. The pattern for Snippette is shared in the Tatting Pattern Calendar.
Kathy has finished the tatting for her fair entries and now she can get back to tatting for the challenge. She has 2 more entries, a May 1992 Workbasket motif done in Cebelia size 30 and an edging from a 1972 Workbasket, tatted in what she thinks is Oliver Twist quilting thread.
Carol's post for wordless Wednesday is a picture of a pretty blue bird.

Marilee has created a beautiful Swallowtail Pendant which is a mirror image design. She received a shipment of display materials and she has been sorting things out for her Etsy shop. It feels like you've done a lot of items until you try to fill a display table and then you lot at the mostly empty space and realize just how much inventory it takes. Rhubarb Crisp is the name of her latest hand dyed thread colour.

Laura has wanted a Dancing Lady Orchid for a long time and now she has one in full bloom. She started another round on her Pyramid Orchid Mat, but she's gone with a darker background colour for this one. Charlene is another crazy quilter that loves Laurie's basket design and she's tatted up a bunch to fill with flowers on her crazy quilts.Marty has rescued a bunch of crocheted doilies that had been stained and mistreated and rejuvenated them by tie dying them. Really interesting effects.

Melissa has done a lot of embroidered pillowcases, but this pair of His and Hers, she's keeping. The last tatting meeting she attended, one of the ladies discovered a mistake she couldn't live with and cut off the outer round of her project. Melissa salvaged the cut off pieces and will use them in a crazy quilt. She found a UFO while packing up for her move across country that just needed lots of split stitch border done on it and she decided to pull it out and work on it. so now it's a Finished Object.

Sherry writes about her designing adventures, where she gets inspiration from and how she perfects her designs. She shows a design that didn't work and the final result of what she was trying for. Also posted are some new mugs with tatting designs on them fresh from the kiln.

Wendy is using some vintage Star tatting cotton for one of her edgings in a lovely variegated yellow colour. She has already completed a number of butterflies for the curtain in her daughter's room and she's now looking to do a shadow box of tatted butterflies and bugs to mimic a bug display box. Her daughter is going to name the bugs that will hang on her wall. If you'd like to help out with the Butterfly/Bug collection Wendy would be happy to hear from you. For the quilters, Wendy has posted a tutorial for making a pinwheel block and instructions for anyone who wants to participate in a block exchange.
Anne has been doing a lot of knitting lately and has finished off her knitted tablecloth. It's gorgeous, but I'd be afraid to use it. There's a huge amount of work in it and it looks absolutely stunning. The mystery stole is progressing nicely and as she hasn't got the next clue yet, she's thinking she might do some tatting.

Laurie has taken some of the designs from Lindsay Rogers' Tatting Collage book and turned them into a fabric postcard for a postcard swap she has joined.

Sarah has joined the challenge and she's been experimenting with a few things while she remembers how to tat. She began a rings only insertion and planned to tat until the shuttle ran out of thread. Here's her finished edging. Sarah has also been dabbling in a little smocking and mentions one of the goodies available in her cafepress shop are knitting needle size chart postcards.

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Iris Niebach said...

Dear Sharon,
I want to say you thank you for your hard work, which opened us a new tatting world.