Saturday, July 21, 2007

Butterflies Watering Cans and Edgings

I started to update the challenge blog and in the middle of it DH decided that my already supersonic computer needed to be tweaked to make it better and faster. So 2 days later I'm ready to finish the update. There may have been additional postings to your blog since I started this, so if you don't see your most recent entries, don't worry I'll get them on the next round.

Ruth has been tatting all kinds of new designs. The little dragonfly on her blog is just adorable. The butterflies are fabulous and the 7 ring butterfly pattern is shared on the Tatting Pattern Calendar.
Arlene had the misfortune of breaking one of her special David Reed Smith shuttles and she's hoping he can repair it. She must be surviving the trauma though, because she has a couple of beautiful Iris Niebach's doilies to show, done in DMC 80 thread.

Clyde has been tatting away working on a doily that will be about 16 or 18 inches across. No pictures yet, but we can wait.

Jon participated in an exchange and she shows us the wonderful quilted needle case and little beaded bad that she received. What wonderful gifts.

Meme posted a picture of a drawstring bag and the pattern used to make it. The design is very intricate and it's easy to lose your place if you're not watching. The numbers have been written on the pattern to show the direction of work. So simple and at the same time so complex.
Laura has joined the ranks of the gecko tatters with 2 lovely samples of the little creature. The first was done in Sulky #12 thread and the second was tatted in DMC Cebelia size 10. The pattern for it is on Jane Eborall's page.
Martha has been making 3D watering cans and flower pots for the Palmetto Tat Day's garden theme. She has used DMC Cebelia size 10 and Caron Wildflowers thread to make these watering cans. The tan coloured thread is vintage size 20. They certainly do count as motives.
Bhavani wanted something simple yet challenging so she did a basic ring and chain edging with a celtic twist to make this bookmark. She has also been working from the book called "Old and New designs in Tatting - Book 11" which she downloaded from the Antique Pattern Library to create this lovely hanky edging. I love the colour, but I'm really interested to see what kind of a corner treatment you use.
Sylvia's blog is temporarily out of commission, but she'll be back next month.

Melissa is moving soon so she's clearing out her Etsy shop for the move. Lots of stash building items for CQers and custom made jewellery items available. She's been doing some little bits to add to here CQ blocks including Laurie's basket. Then she experimented with turning a clover into a heart, then she joined the ends of an edging to make a circular motif that she can add silk ribbon embroidery to. Don't you love how tatting spills over into all the other crafts we love doing?
Sherry has started a Tatters Who Blog ring for anyone whose blog is mostly tatting related. She's been working with some software to diagram patterns but she still wants to do some tweaking. She's also started a blog just for ceramics and she posted a teaser to keep us guessing. Wendy has been busy posting lots of pictures of weather watching and quilts. She's tatted over 4 yards of edging for her next "motif". Anne has been knitting the mystery stole and a tablecloth. Those are big projects and it's easy to see that they won't be completed quickly.

Laurie is experimenting with adding tatting to fabric postcards. The little tatted butterfly is mounted on a netting cutout. She has such creative and beautiful ideas.

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