Thursday, January 11, 2007

Winning with Tatting

Ruth has finished her Snowstar and sees a variety of snowflakes within snowflakes. Just beautiful Ruth. The calendar for today is a motif called snow wheel.

Jon has created another Chines coin motif. This one has picots on the inner opening and on the outer "corners" which means that the rings had picots on only one side. Not a typical arrangement, but very interesting. Jon has had another bonus recently in that, she was able to teach her daughter how to crochet. She's not ready to tat yet, but give her time.

Kathy did a motif from a May 1976 Workbasket in Valdani thread. The colour is called Santa Fe and it has some really wonderful colour changes.

Maria has added 2 new motives to her blog, but she is having trouble with her computer and sent me the following e-mail.
"Hello, I wish all of you a happy New Year, with peace and love.
You know, I'm still having some problems with PC, so I'm sending you this message. The snowflake and the other one that is suppose to be another snowflake but I made it as a pin, I took them out of BURDA MAGAZIN. I wish I could have some tatting books, ( now I know how to get them), But I just have BURDA TATTING MAGAZINS!
I must say that I really admire all the tatting I've seen in the challenge and I'm very happy to be with all of you, even you don't know me, but most of the times I visit your blogs and I feel amazing with the beautiful tatted things!!
My best wishes and regards, Maria"

Carol did LaRae's Celtic bracelet in green and she's found an interesting use for it.

Congratulations are in order for Marilee. We all knew she was a stellar designer of tatted lace jewellery, and now a lot of other people do too. Her Vision necklace won first place in the Halcyon yarn contest in the Wild Card category. We're not the least bit surprised. Way to go Marilee.

Dawn has been working on making the little horse's head more life like. It's a nice size for a necklace but a little big for earrings. Maybe some more tweaking is in order. Her other entry today is a hand sewn penguin mitt. Not tatting but cute all the same.


Susan said...

I'm enjoying looking at all the tatting motifs. I'm about ready to decide to become a beginner, at least with needle tatting, so it's fun to look at these.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you for the compliments. I'm happy that tatting got some recognition from the people involved in other forms of fiber art.