Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tatted Hearts and Butterflies

Ruth has designed this daisy picot heart thinking of hearts for the February calendar. She spent today demonstrating tatting at the Harrisonville Mill Walk Mall in MO and gave away lots of tatted butterflies. Today's motif from the Tatting Pattern Calendar is a snowflake designed by Teresa Woods.

Gail has posted a picture of the lovely butterfy that she put on one of her housewives.(Housewife or hussif, a folded pouch with pockets for sewing implements like needles, scissors, shuttles etc.) This butterfly is a variations of an Adelheid Dangela design from the book Tatted Butterflies. Beautifully done!

Clyde is working on another curtain tie back but he doesn't have a lot of time for tatting these days.

Barbara has posted a design from Dover Needlework Series titled Tatting with Anne Orr. Tatted with Anchor Variegated 20. Another lilac motif for the Pashmina shawl. Barbara keeps giving us a tease with the motives laid on the shawl, but I'm anxious to see the final results, the whole shawl in all it's glory.

Dawn is working on another mitten gift bag. This one has been adorned with 2 entwined hearts done with Multi's embellishment yarn. She wasn't following any particular pattern, just going with the flow of the thread. Tatting which is sewn down doesn't need any particular shaping as you can coax it into the shape you want as you sew it into place. A mitten bag is such a clever idea.

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