Friday, January 19, 2007

Lots of Lovely Tatting

Ruth has reproduced an ancient Celtic design in tatting. Look at all those colours weaving in and out.

Gail is on a roll knitting socks.

Jon has redone her heart switching to ring and chain rather than split rings. She can't decide on how to finish the tip and thinks she might try a couple of variations. Jon has also created an edging -complete with corner and has given it to Ruth for the calendar. It's been added for the 19th which is Jon's youngest daughter's birthday.

Riet has done one of Jane Eborall's adorable patterns. This one is a little face meant to be used as a zipper pull.

Laura has done Jane's Celtic cross in Sulky thread and doesn't think the picture does it justice.

Charlene had an unexpected day off due to the weather and embroidered and absolutely stunning peacock.

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