Thursday, January 25, 2007

Multi Talented Tatters

Have you ever noticed it's hard to keep up with Ruth's tatting? Ruth has posted a bracelet of hanging clunies, the Beeton edging for the Tatting Pattern Calendar, a cross made with the same basic design and another variation of it which can be used as a bookmark. She also shares with us a Christmas decoration she made when she was about 12 and she's wondering if anyone recognizes the pattern.
Gail made a felted purse for her daughter and shows us the before felting elephant purse and the after felting normal size one.

Clyde is working out, taking care of the neighbor's cat and making a tie dyed polar fleece coat for his new puppy. Clyde is another candidate for a 48 hour day.

Many tatters dabble in several different crafts. In addition to tatting and bobbin lace Mark also paints lately he has been working on a watercolour of his great aunt Mary Ellen who was diagnosed with liver cancer. Please pray for her and her family.
I have just noticed that Jon has a second blog and she posted a thread comparison Does Size Matter? It gives a great visual for thread sizes as she made the same motif in several threads and shows them side by side.

Riet has done another flower. this time she has added leaves the way HelmaSiepmann does. These flowers get better and better.

EeKoon is addicted to blog things, What colour are you? What artist should paint your portrait? You could get lost for days following up all of the quizzes out there.

Looking for something as far from a doily as possible? Carol has designed it. It's a 3D alien.

Marilee has completed her "Mystery tatting" This is just a corner of it, a tease take a look at her blog to see what she has created.
Laura's wondering how other people can tat and talk or watch TV.

Today LaRae posts her Thankful Thursday list.

Charlene added the gorgeous peacock to a quilt block and she shows us some lovely hand dyed threads she received today.

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