Sunday, January 14, 2007

50 Tatters Tatting

We have hit another milestone as we now have 50 participants in the challenge. I used to be able to check the pages and report on them every day, but with more people joining in it gets harder to do frequent checks.

Ruth has posted an edging which is one of the Riego designs. This one is thanks to Wilma Walker and might make it into the calendar. We are coming in to the time for hearts and shamrocks so if you have any appropriate patterns don't forget to let Ruth know.

Gail is back to posting after a long break and begins with a lovely pink tatted ball cover adapted from a Konior design.

Clyde has been teaching some ladies to tat.

Jon used this motif to show a friend how to do beaded tatting and notes that climbing into the second row of the motif required starting at a different point.

Riet has created a wonderful edging using pearl tatting and daisy picot techniques. Riet has generously given this design to Ruth for the calendar.

Snowy has been away from the computer for a while, first on vacation, then to the hospital with her daughter and she posts some motives she worked on in between.

EeKoon has posted her resolutions along with some cross stitch pictures she is working on.

LaRae used metallic gold thread for this Myra Piper snowflake design.

Dawn has re-tatted the horse's head and added beads so that it looks much more realistic. She's also done the earrings from the tatting pattern a day calendar.

Sue has started the Here-Be-Tatters Yahoo group which now has 259 members. This isn't leaving her much time to tat, but things will settle down a bit when everyone has moved over from the etatters group which is closing.

Charlene has been progressing with her TAST blanket stitching and also managed to do another tatted basket that she can fill with Silk Ribbon Embroidery flowers to be used on her Crazy quilts.

Pamela is our 50th participant in the challenge and she has decided to tat 25 realistic looking critters. Her first critter done several times in different threads to see how he looks, is Dianna Stevens' snake bookmark. The final sample was done in a variegated Flora 20 with opaque yellow lustre beads.

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