Thursday, January 04, 2007

More that just tatting

Ruth has added another variation to the first Calendar motif. Variations on a theme is a great way to explore your own design capabilities. Why don't you see if you can take this pattern or take one of the vintage patterns and see what you can do with it. Change an edging a little, curve it around into a motif. Explore the possibilities and add your new design to the Pattern a Day Calendar project.

Mark is in for a busy year. This year they are doing both costumes and set design for the high school's production of "Oliver". I guess Koito is going on the back burner for a while.

Kathy has had a busy year end with one of her dogs eating collars. My first thought was -horrors- tatted collars, but no these were doggie collars. Poor puppy. Her first motif for the new year is from the July 1959 Workbasket done in Superior Threads King Tut quilting thread. Kathy finds it very fine and smooth to work with and in her opinion, it is one of the better brands of quilting threads for tatting.

EeKoon has listed all of her 19 Works In Progress. With all of the cross stitching going on it's a wonder she finds any time for tatting. We're all obsessed with thread though, so we understand.

Laura used one of Jane Eborall's patterns in Knit-Cro-Sheen in aqua combined with some pearls her mother had given her to make earrings to match the poncho and hat Laura made for her mother's Christmas gift.

LaRae has posted a video of Erik Mongrain, a Canadian guitarist whose lap tapping playing style is simply incredible.

Sue has begun a new Yahoo group called Here-Be-Tatters this was to replace the old etatters group which is being closed. I've included the link to the main page here in case any of our old friends lost track of where we are. Many of the original members of the old group will make the transition over to Here-Be-Tatters and Sue is going to have her hands full for the next little while which won't leave her much time for tatting.

Charlene is sandwiching her tatting in between bouts of crazy quilting. She has joined the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge hosted by another Sharon. They will be taking a single new embroidery stitch each week and exploring the possibilities with it.

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