Monday, January 08, 2007

Multi Talented Endeavors

Wally shares a pretty and intricate motif she designed a few years ago that utilizes the single shuttle split ring.

I blinked and Ruth added a whole bunch of new stuff to her blog. To begin, she shows us what the edging for the Pattern a Day calendar looks like with a ribbon woven through it. Lovely. Next she has begun work on a compound snowflake. The centre part is a plain ring and chain motif that starts with a chain so that it can end with a split ring to climb into the next motif. The surrounding motives are more circular and alternate plain almost bald rings with tiny rings with lots of picots. Ruth points out that these little rings give a snowflake inside a snowflake effect. Ruth has also posted a picture of another compound snowflake she did for her sister several years ago. What an interesting idea.

Mark's work on costumes and stage settings is progressing.

EeKoon has added a tutorial on Hardangar to her blog.

Peppermint Paddy has a new girlfriend Peppermint Jean created by Carol.

Bhavani has also joined in the TAST Challenge and posted her first entry. Most of us who do any kind of fibre art, often do several.

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