Thursday, January 04, 2007

Who knew it would be so addictive?

Clyde has posted a picture of the tatted curtain tie he did in size 20 Burgundy thread. He's calling this motif #13.

Mark has done some sketches of the costumes for Oliver. They look simply marvellous.

Barbara has tatted one of the motives designed by Jon in blue DMC Cordonnette Special in size 20. The 2 shades of blue are very attractive together.

Carol found what she calls a GORGEOUS variegated machine quilting thread in blues and purples and began tatting this little motif which is rapidly growing into a doily. It is wonderful looking thread, maybe I need to take a trip out to Walmart.

Dawn has finished the challenge with another cross done in size 8 pearl cotton in a deep red.Like so many others, she started all over again with this lovely bookmark in size 20 Opera thread. Who knew this challenge would be so addictive?

Charlene is continuing with the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) challenge and has done some more work on the Herrringbone stitch. When we've finished the 25 Motif Challenge, maybe we should look at doing something similar.

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