Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wow! Look at all this lace.

My computer was being used yesterday, so I didn't get to post and today there's an amazing amount of tatting to show.

Ruth is teasing us again with pictures of her new book. She's in the midst of moving so the book has been delayed. Lots of terrific celtic designs.

Gail has committed herself to make a number of projects for Christmas so she hasn't had a lot of time for tatting. Check out the felted Jack-o'-lantern

Arlene finished her Rose Bouquet in red and green that isn't quite heart shaped and plans to do it again in pinks and reds to see how she likes it. Maybe an outward facing ring at the bottom would shape it more? She has also created a modification of another heart based on Teresa Woods' "Heart of Texas". Lovely work Arlene. Today she has posted a Lenore English ribbon pattern

Riet has re-done her bookmark using 2 same size threads. Both samples are beautiful.

Sharon has posted a picture of a 50th anniversary present tatted in gold thread.

Meme has posted a gorgeous picture, as usual, internet translation isn't the best, but I believe she said she is working on an Iris Niebach pattern in size 20 thread and she's getting 14 motives out of each ball of thread. I'm not even going to try to explain, just go check out her blog while I clean the drool off my keyboard.

Azie has posted a motif from Wally's Tat- Along. She's used size 80 thread for this motif and look at her even picots and her neat joins. Good job Azie.

Carol has decorated her blog with a tatted Jack-o'-lantern and is using a tatted bat pattern as a background

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Arlene said...

HEY!! Now I see the boo boo!! I have been looking AT THAT HEART TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY IT IS "CONKY-WHAMPUS" Now, I see I made a mistake on the one side...not enough circles and chains!! So, now I really will do it again!
Loved Meme's site...wish I knew more Spanish...might ask my NIL to translate she is from Chile also