Friday, October 20, 2006

Motif, Snowflake and Windmills

Gail has done a motif from Mark's newest book. This rings only motif has been done in two colours in which Gail used up a lot of smaller pieces of thread. Sooner or later we all do that, searching through the stash for just a little more of one particular thread to complete a project.

After a wee break, Clyde has done 4 more motives for his tablecloth. Sometimes you just have to break up larger projects into smaller chunks and take a break from them. Otherwise the pattern gets boring and the joy of working on it becomes drudgery.

Riet has done another daisy picot snowstar. This one sparkles with tiny green beads. These beaded motives are really sweet and they don't look like they'd take a lot of time to make.

Sharon had posted more designing info along with the pattern for snowflake #3. It's amazing the possibilities in a few snowflakes.

Donna has done several more of the windmill motives to see how they look together but the overall pattern isn't emerging yet.

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