Monday, October 16, 2006

Tatting Galore!

Ruth is looking for the source of a snowflake she received n an exchange. Does anyone recognize it?

Sharol has another sun motif completed, but she thinks this one looks more like a snowflake. Maybe it's because it's the season for snowflakes. Points are hard to create in tatting. Rings and chains just naturally curve so creating points for a sun isn't easy. I think you're doing really well to have come up with the designs you have.

Clyde is starting the challenge again and has already posted 3 heart motives.

Mark is back from his holiday and would appreciate our prayers for his wife's aunt who collapsed with a ruptured aneurysm while they were away.

Kathy has posted a pattern from the April 1972 Workbasket done in Tennessee Orange.

Riet shares her instructions for making the daisy picot and a picture of Roesje the cat, a pattern from Martha Ess.

Sharon has more of the design primer posted with the instructions for row 2 of the doily.

Maria is having computer problems and will post again as soon as she can.

EeKoon has done another design from the Blomqvist & Persson book. This one is a gift for a co-worker.

Laura has done Jon's heart again, this time in size 10 so that she could see it clearly if she had to take it out. The thread is South
Maid colour 995, Ocean. Very pretty.


Arlene said...

The snowflake is from Monica Hahn's Christmas Angels and other tatting 16!! I knew it right away...don't know why maybe I sent her? I don't think so but I do have that book!!

Arlene said...

ooops that was sharol's pattern..I went to the other site...think I know that one too..will have to look.

Anonymous said...
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