Saturday, October 28, 2006

Scary spiders and yummy strawberries

Eva has some new pauashell shuttles from New Zealand. She's only keeping 2 of them. Tell us how they tat Eva.

Janet shares the pattern for her daisy picot snowflake created the other day.

Clyde has completed another large motif for his tablecloth. These are large 4 row motives and there's a lot of work in each one. If each motif was posted as it was done as a separate motif, you could visit Clyde's blog regularly and think that nothing new has been posted, but when you see them all together it looks spectacular. Continually tatting the same motif is difficult because it is so easy to become bored with it. Part of the challenge of such a large undertaking is just the discipline to keep at it. Clyde is wisely breaking up the monotony by tatting other things in between.

Jon has been trying to work a new design that uses the onion ring join, but so far it isn't working as planned. In the interim she's sharing a previously designed project, a large star worked all in one round. Very interesting.

EeKoon has completed 2 more motives but she has been unable to post them.

Laura has faced her fear of spiders and tatted Mark's spider and web.

Martha joins the challenge with 3 motives. The first is Donna's accidental cross. She's used size 30 Omega thread for this design. The second is Rita Cochrane's Thistle Do Pin from the Online class and the texture made her think of strawberries. What she created makes me hungry.

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