Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tatters are already approaching the finish line

Ruth has already completed her 25 motives and is in the process of publishing the designs. Now Clyde has now completed 15 large and 9 small motives for his tablecloth. One more and he will have reached his first 25 motives. Then he'll only 251 more to go. It's coming, slow but steady.
Snowy has found a good match for the thread she ran out of and has posted a new picture of the motif. Donna B has another motif, also from Tatting in Lace, this motif is called “Rose Garden.” There are only 7 rings in it — the center, and the center of the six half-flowers around the outside. The thread is the same as last time: Altin Basak #50, variegated white to blue.
Marilee spent an afternoon with the Lotsa Knotsa tatting guild and she posts their logo which was designed using the tatted alphabet idea in Mary Sue Kuhn's book: The Joy of Split Ring Tatting.
Just a gentle reminder. A number of people have joined the challenge which has been running since the middle of August and have yet to post their first motif. To tat 25 motives in one year means that you are tatting roughly 2 motives every month. You might be planning on doing everything in just a few weeks like Ruth did with her Celtic designs and you're just waiting for a block of time to be available so that you can tat like mad, or you may be thinking that you have a whole year so there's no hurry. 25 motives is really quite a lot of tatting, so if you have just been procrastinating, now's the time to get busy. Besides, we want to see what you're working on :-)

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