Thursday, October 05, 2006

Chrismons, Crayons and Bears

Lynda thinks she'll use the Motif Challenge to tat some ornaments for her own Christmas tree and she has 2 new motives up in some lovely variegated colours. There are 18 types of Chrismons, and she's not sure that the article she has is complete, so she will be designing some of them because she hasn't found tatting patterns for all of them. I think most of us give away more of our tatting than we keep and it's not unusual to look around our homes and see that the one person we don't tat for, is ourselves.
Diana has posted a necklace she's working on that incorporates crayon buttons. Very kitsch, in the nicest sense. After several unsuccessful attempts to sell some of her necklaces on ebay, she sold $70.00 worth of merchandise in person in a 2 day period. Location, location, location; it's always true that you have to match your product with your clientele. Some venues don't work for some things.
Mark has had time for one more motif, a simple SR shuttle motif that has rings thrown off the bottom half of the SR that is enclosed inside.
I have added the second part of the design primer to my blog. No new motives for me until I get the tatting for my brother's 50th anniversary done.
Carol's Thread Bear is just adorable and she gets the award for the most creative use of an old thread label.


Jenn said...

Do you have any good resources for someone seeking to learn how to tat?

Sharon said...

Jenn, I have demos on my web site and there are other resources as well. Here's my URL and from there you can e-mail me if you have any questions.