Saturday, October 28, 2006

Candy, Booties and Doilies

Just another reminder for people just starting the challenge. You don't need to send a message to the e-mail lists or e-mail me directly when you have a new motif on your blog. I check the blogs daily for new entries. The only way I can get you pictures to show up here is to copy them onto my computer, so by signing up you're giving me permission to show off your tatting. Some of you don't have the software to crop your pictures and you end up with lots of background that takes up room. That limits how many pictures I can include in the daily post so I will crop out excess background where necessary.

Don't forget to check out the other blogs and leave comments. People like to know that you are looking at their work and admiring it. If you like a new design someone has done, don't forget to mention it. People appreciate your comments and they like to know you admire their designs.

Candy anyone? Janet has tatted a peppermint twist. What's with this tatting food lately. Yesterday it was strawberries and today it's peppermint candy.

If you were wondering why there hasn't been anything new on Donata's blog for a while, it's because she has been working on baby booties. She started with the little heart motif done back to back with a row of ring and chain around the outside. Not quite right, it's too small. So she did it again separating the hearts with a pair of daisies. Much closer, but it may need to be made wider at the toe. I don't know, it may be all right the way it is. It sure is different, lacy and delicate. I can't wait to see the rest of the bootie. My first bootie attempt came out looking like an oddly shaped little pouch.

Sharon has added some more on the design primer.

EeKoon has now posted the pictures that she couldn't upload yesterday. A familiar wee design from Mini Tats and the beginnings of the doily from Be-Stitched done in a shade of watermelon Floretta size 10. What's with all the food colours and tatted food. You guys are making me hungry.