Thursday, January 26, 2012

TIAS, Bracelet, Doily, Butterflies, Necklace, Earrings, Bookmarks, Hearts and Angel

JB has reversed 2 of the split rings in Jane's TIAS and she's hoping she doesn't regret it later.

Frivole has been playing with the edging from her previous post and would up with a bracelet. She might play with it come mare and make a wider cuff from it.

Jess tatted up Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel in some of her Rainbow-licious so Diane could see what it looked like.

Heather had a very good response to the Apprenticeship Fair after enticing the students with lots of interesting samples of things like Anne Bruvold's Minor Norwegian Dragon, earrings, hair clips and lots of little butterflies and mice as giveaways.

Marta has created a necklace and earring set of shimmering dew drops glistening on a spiderweb. Moon white stones set in jet black lace.

Cindy couldn't resist doing another bookmark using her favourite pattern in Lizbeth Island Breeze. Since the thread matched some felt she had, she added a tatted motif to a needlekeeper. The she did the Peacock Heart, in size 20 Lizbeth Tropical Punch for another one. Now she has lots of needlekeepers and maybe an early start on Christmas gifts.

Fox is home from the Big Apple and has Day 6 of TIAS done but it looks like jet lag or lack of sleep has her thinking of Sponge Bob.

Orsi has posted the instructions for assembling her angel pattern.

Sherry has day 5 of TIAS done but noticed that she missed a shot chain between the "legs".

StephanieGrace woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep so she thought she'd tat a cross like this one in LizBeth, Country Side, Size 20. So she tatted one with a shuttle and ball in LizBeth Carousel and the "matching" Antique Blue Med.

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