Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Motifs, Earrings, Snowflakes, Flowers, Edgings, Doilies, Butterflies, Heart, Bookmarks, TIAS and Angel

Frances tatted Festiva, from Judith Connors Creative Tatting in silver with a slight modification of 9 rings to make a great Christmas ornament. The earrings in white were done with rings instead of beads so she could wear them at the shop She also made one in green with red beads as a Christmas wreath. Mary Konior's Bell Flowers were done as a set for her friend in red along with a leaf in green so that she could use them for decoration on her 'Red Hat' outfits.
Ginny has been working on 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn so that next year she can have a tree in white snowflakes.
Julie found this delicate piece of lace in her travels and couldn't resist it in spite of it's damaged corners and rust spots. Being busy doesn't leave much time for tatting anything except some flowers for the little lady. More tatting adorns the little one's shirt. These doilies are more treasures she discovered while travelling.
Jessica is reworking her diagrams using a new program and is looking for some test tatters for a design to be used a the Shuttlebirds workshop.
SunshineCraft's tatting spree resulted finished off a clover doily pattern by Eileen Stafford. Inspired by the header of the 25 motif challenge blog, she made a medallion, a snowflake, a heart, a bookmark, a butterfly, a pair of earrings and a small bit of tatting, but now she has lots and lots of ends to hide.
IsDihara shares a picture of her recent projects; tatting to cover a lavender ball, the Broomstick Tatted Bookmark by Martha Ess in Lizbeth 20 Autumn Apple Pie #169 and a half-finished heart tatted in Lizbeth 20 Purple Iris Fusion #162.
Cindy picked up the right size bead and took another stab at Marilee's teardrop pendant, but it still didn't work out quite right. She tried it again adjusting her tension, but it still isn't quite right, but it is better.
Diane has finished the edging she wants to use on a purse. She wants something subtle that blends in with the fabric and this looks perfect. She started the same edging in Lizbeth olive green #678 size 20 so it's quite a bit larger.
Fox has found that DMC size 30 thread is a better choice for sewing edgings on to socks that sewing thread especially when she has to sew onto the fold of the socks. She's also discovered that tatting the second edging of a pair takes discipline. The first one is fun, the second one is drudgery but here's the pair done. She also shows us the needle she uses and she wonders if other people have trouble using self threading needles with size 30 thread.
Gina is tatting the Pineapple Square pattern by Camelia Crapo which is in a back issue of KNOTS.
Kelly is still hobbling around, but being forced to sit down does make for more tatting time. She's tatting a motif from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson and joining them together, but she's not sure what it will eventually be. It's amazing how much finished tatting is gracing her coffee table.
Martha has a new favorite bookmark which is actually a piece of Edging No. 21 from Die Schiffchen-Spitzen by Eleonore Endrucks-Leichtenstern, with block tatting of course.
Mica is finally able to show is the large project she was working on that was started in 2009. It's a large centre piece done in DMC Cordonnet 100 and measures just over 14 inches in diameter and took nearly a whole ball of thread.
Michelle has her first day of TIAS done and she has no idea what it is.
Orsi has the wings finished on her angel, and finally the finished angel with the head. She plans to make more for next year.
Sherry has had a bad year with a failing hard drive that lost her most recent book, but she's looking forward to teaching at Shuttlebirds this year and has posted her first day of TIAS.
Stephanie Grace has been doing some freestyle tatting to try out new threads. The first doodle is done with LizBeth color 625. Lizbeth color 665 was doodled into a heart shape and the last one is Flopsy the butterfly in LizBeth 20, Color 135, a pattern by Jane Eborall, which may need some blocking to coax it into shape.
Tattabugg has also started the TIAS challenge and her is day 1.
Wanda has added the pattern for her 2010 snowflake to her sidebar.

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