Monday, January 16, 2012

Snowflakes, Bookmarks, TIAS, Heart, Motifs, Dragon, Doilies, and Earrings

Jess tatted these snowflakes from Jon's Elegant Tatting Gems but forgot to post them. Top left is Lizbeth size 40 Charcoal and Medium Purple, top right is some size 60 that she dyed and the bottom one is Lizbeth size 40 Azalea Md. and Seagreen Light. Then it's finished up with Jane's TIAS.

Ginny shows us some of the snowflakes she has tatted from the 24 Snowflakes in tatting by Lene Bjorn. In the rings on the top row are day 20 and day 4, the next row is is Day 5 and Day 18 and the bottom row is Day 10 and Day 19. In the next picture the two on the right are Jon Yusoff patterns; on the top is Magic Moment snowflake and the bottom one is Rose Window. On the left is Karey Soloman's Pattern, the bottom is Joelle Paulson, Le Flocon Frivole. Then there are two of Rozella Linden's (Ruth Perry) snowflakes; the top one is Snowflake 2008, and the bottom one is Celtic snowflake 2006. The next one with a ring is by Jane Eborall, followed by another by Jane with a ring in the centre.

Heather was given a hand stitched origami bag and since she uses it for her tatting projects she added a tatted edging and a hexagonal medallion on each of the flaps in a matching size 80 variegate thread from Germany. Here are some of the typical supplies she carries.

Patrycja lost her favourite bookmark and decided it was time for a new one. The pattern is from Magbod and the thread is size 20 Aida that she hand dyed.

Linda made the teapot block as a donation for a fellow tatter who had a stroke. The top hearts from patterns by Patti Duff. On the bottom the pink heart is a pattern from Mark Myers and the red/purple heart is from Victats. All the hearts are tatted with Lizbeth size 40. A Hens and Chicks edging tatted with DMC size 10 makes a nice doily for the teapot to sit on.

Claudia has her first TIAS started. Day 1 and day 2, I wonder how many more?

Fox tatted this little motif, designed by Jennifer Williams focusing on her technique before she starts the dragons. Then she went on to an Iris Niebach pattern. She used Lizbeth#40 for the bodies of the dragons. Dragons design by Anne Bruvold tatted in Coral Reef #40 by Tatskool and #40 Lizbeth. A Mary Konior snippet to finish off some thread.

Gina has finished the pineapple doily which worked out to be 11 inches square in size 20 thread.

Katherinne has been working on her Neapolitan doily, named for her colour choice of pink white and brown. And here is the finished lace, which looks good enough to eat.

Mica pulled out a UFO and finished it. Mary Konior's Black Magic in black and white which are adventurous colours when you are accustomed to working in ecru.

Orsi has posted the pattern for her angel and she will add another post showing how to assemble it.

Sherry has day 2 of TIAS done and she's taking a guess at what it might be. An owl maybe?

StephanieGrace received Marilee's Tatted Jewelry and started right in on Keyed Up done in LizBeth 662 and 605, both include size 11/0 Czech glass seed beads. The green one that you see half of is in colour 144. Then one is in Color 109. She omitted the top ring because she thought it looked nicer until she realized it was there to hold the jump ring.

Tattabugg has day 2 of TIAS done and her only guess so far is something square. She has two strips of her tatted purse done and only eight more to go.

Vanessa is also working on TIAS and had day one completed.


Laurette said...

Maybe the 3rd time is the charm.

Mariya Davydova said...

I want to participate too! The motif 1 for challenge is tatted paw print.