Saturday, January 28, 2012

Easter Egg, Christmas Tree, Cat, TIAS, Motifs, Butterflies, Doily, Edging, Necklace and Earrings

JB began working her way through the "Tatted Easter Eggs" book by Kirsten Wind Hansen and here is Egg #1 made in Lizbeth #127 Butterfly Breeze, size 20.

Mariya tatted Nancy Tracy's Tatted Christmas tree although when she made a mistake she was going to stop, but her husband persuaded her to continue. It still looks OK even if it isn't exactly what the pattern called for. Pretty Tatted Kitty is also in green and we'll just all assume that there was left over green thread on the shuttle and not something weird like Mariya was tatting cats for aliens. Her TIAS is progressing and maybe we'll have something with wings, or legs or will we? Here is Mariya's first pattern created when she was trying out some new thread. And here are all of her earlier attempts.

Lelia use Flora size 20 colour 11 to make this motif and Lizbeth size 40 Colour 644 from Patti Duff's Mini Tats for the next. The butterflies are from the back of the Starlit Tatting Shuttle package. The little doodles are fun and nice to use up left over thread on the shuttles.

Jess has finished Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat in her own Rainbow-licious HDT.

Heather's latest experiment is a set of blue and purple variegate earrings with beads using thread size 20 from Germany on a simple and cute pattern by Nancy Tracy.

Fox used Lizbeth #40 in Tatskool's Ginger and Clove HDT from her Spice collection to tat the Regency Doily designed by Karey Solomon with a modicum of beads. Also tatted was this egg motif from Tatted Easter Eggs by Kirsten Wind Hansen in the same thread.

Kelly is making progress of the table runner and an edging for a hanky for the exchange piece for the Fringe.

Sherry has day 7 of TIAS done and she's seeing some kitty qualities in the tatting.

Tattabugg has created an interesting necklace and earring set to enter in the fair. Here its shown as a set and a detailed shot of the necklace.

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