Friday, January 20, 2012

Motifs, TIAS, Heart, Snowflakes and Doily

Frivole has decided it's time to join in the fun. One of her favourite vintage books is "Tatting" from the DMC Library, edited by Thérèse de Dillmont and here are a couple of the square motifs from it. The one on the left is tatted in size 10 DMC Babylo and the one on the right in Lizbeth 20. She has also uploaded a video on SSSRs.

Mariya has day 4 of TIAS done but misread the pattern, probably because she's in the middle of exams.

Jess thought this motif from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson is called a star but looks more like a heart to her. It's in some Lizbeth 40 that she dyed in pink and purple.

Ginny has another snowflake from the Knots newsletter, it is the top flake but the directions call it the bottom flake. Then there is another one by Denise Munoz, from Snowflake Roses it is number 5.

Axa used one of the alphabet patterns from Tatting Patterns by Julia Saunders to tat this letter A and found that rings and chains don't always make the letter.

Fox tatted Irene Woo's heart again in one colour with a few vintage beads her Mom saved for her. The left over thread went into a Celtic Pattern by Rosemary Peel done in some HDT by Karey Solomon.

Sherry has day 4 of TIAS done and her guess today is that it's a fancy bikini top. Definitely not for double DD.

StephanieGrace is finally able to post pictures again, just in time to show her progress on TIAS. Her day 1 was a casualty of charging in to do before learning the technique. By day 4 everything worked out in both needle and shuttle and now she knows why shuttle tatters love dead spiders. Both samples are done in LizBeth threads, size 20, the one on the right is needle tatted in Pink Cocoa and the one on the left is shuttle tatted in light turquoise and and variegate with spring in the name.

Wendy is finally getting around to posting her package from the Secret Santa exchange which included a tatted mini doily Lorena Finnerty adapted from Susanne Schwenke's 'Musterbeschreibung'.

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