Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Easter Eggs, TIAS, Edgings, Motifs, Hearts, Doily, Earrings, Snowflakes, Christmas trees, Crosses and Bracelet

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JB used Lizbeth #124 Spring Garden and #624 Raspberry Pink Med to tat Egg #5 from TATTED EASTER EGGS by Kirsten Wind Hansen. Day 7 of TIAS has turned the corner and beginning to look like something.

Frivole is engaged in some entredeux (between two) tatting like Mary Konior's, Corn & Chaff in Lizbeth Blue River Glades and Trellis made with what Mary Konior calls "Victorian Sets" (also called Rick Rack, ricrac or zig zag tatting - I prefer zig zag because it is more descriptive and more commonly understood by the average person) both patterns can be found in the book "Tatting in Lace".

Anita is following Take A Stitch Tuesday (TAST) and has added a tatted star to her feather stitch embroidery to create a falling star. Cute and clever!

Jess shows Mary Konior's Eightsome Reel tatted in her "Laila" HDT and Susan Fuller's Heart's Desire is tatted in size 80 Pink to Gray HDT. Iris Niebach's Cornelia from Tatted Doilies in size 80 of her blue/gray black experimental HDT.

Garyo tatted a motif from this recently published book by MORIMOTO Kazuko using Lisbeth size 40 Colour #641. She's really enjoying the book and she's delighted to find that she CAN tat 25 motifs in a year. Congratulations to a successful completion of the challenge. Her most recent motif in progress is another design by MORIMOTO Kazuko in pink and gray which she has found soothing to tat.

Jessica has finished round 2 of the tea cloth project and started the 3rd. She has plans to start it again in a nicer thread.
 Marta has another beautiful earring set done.

Cindy is using the left over thread on her shuttles to tat hearts for Valentine's Day. Like the Tatted Heart from Handy Hands and Betsy Evans Small Tatted Heart. She thinks the one from a 1988 Workbasket looks a little lopsided and I've always thought the design looked unfinished. I would have added an outward facing ring at the bottom of the heart just to make a point.

Fox has been fixated on Zentangles but did manage to tat a little motif from the Tatted Easter Eggs book and promptly shattered one of the glass beads when she put a heavy glass pitcher on it to press it. She has been using up all of her size 20 thread and this is that last of it on one of the Tatted Eggs which is missing a couple of repeats because she ran out of thread. She tatted another egg, this one in Karey Solomon's HDT #30 Cebelia. Her blue pimpernel shuttle is covering up her current tatting. Recognize it?

Gina tatted Kim Millar's Lover's Knot pattern that she found in the Wayback Machine which includes a crochet braid. Kim developed a number of tatted designs which incorporated a row of crochet braid that adds a whole new dimension to the lace.

Marti has been tatting but not posting making snowflakes from Jon Yusoff's book Elegant Tatting Gems in red and green DMC size 80 tatting thread. She had some problems with one of the designs but the colours really make the designs pop.

Mica's beaded flower is a Jan Stawasz design tatted with DMC special cordonnette 80 in white and some random seed beads from Michaels.

Sue has an update on her challenge. 5 pairs of Christmas trees to fill her orders, one of my Valentine earrings tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Christmas red with clear glass beads and 3 more rainbow crosses so she has some in stock for when her mother-in-law wants more. Then a bracelet for her mother-in-law's birthday next week is the Wandering Blooms bracelet by Dawn McLaughlin tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Royal Blue. The tablecloth for her husband is progressing but working without a pattern she has some empty circles forming an interesting design element. Needing a change of colour she tried this doily with a size 10 Aunt Lydia's crochet thread in Passionata.

Wanda has Day 8 of TIAS done and it's looking remarkably like a billy goat at this stage. She made this cute little bell from a free pattern that yarnplayer has available. She was given Tatted Snowflakes Collection by Jon Yusoff for Christmas and this is Twirly done in Lizbeth Caribbean and while she likes the colour it doesn't do the pattern justice.

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