Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Tree, TIAS, Edgings, Scarf and Motifs

JB has decided it's time to join the fun. She had to give Jane's new tree ornament a whirl and of course she's working on Jane's TIAS. Day 5 might be a handle or a tail.

Frivole is still working from DMC Tatting and this is edging 11. She's done most of the 1 pass edgings, but this one is 2 rows and is very pretty. I wonder if it could be modified with more modern techniques to be done in one row?

Garyo has decided that there are just so many bookmarks she needs and now she wants a larger project to work on like this
scarf she tatted 5 years ago.

SunshineCraft previously showed a set of unfinished motifs and here's the first one finished. It's a medallion from the flower garden cluster in the Tatter's Treasure Chest. She likes the little sprays of leaves which she thinks gives the whole a vintage feel.

Bree bought a very large hanky 18 inches square and she's making an edging in Lizbeth size 20 Fuchsia to go around it. She plans to use it for a table centre piece.

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