Thursday, September 22, 2011

Motifs, Bookmarks, Necklace and Pin

Joy and her friend collaborated on a shabby-chic form that combines tatting with antique buttons.
Fox has another hostess gift bookmark ready. The pattern is Ladytat's, and the thread is Tatskool's.
Gina made a second attempt at Jon's Chinese Coin bookmark and is ready to make the turn and start up the other side, but that can wait for another day.
Lily finished the Napoleon triangle motif in Hakelgarn size 10 Midnight Blue with turquoise seed beads, jump ring & 3 round, crystal beads. Then the "Delicate Tatted Doily" from a Workbasket magazine done in size 10 thread when it should have been size 30, got to be elephantine by the third round, so she truncated it and converted it into a pin.


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Stacy Christian said...

I just recently found the 25 motif challenge and would like to participate. Maybe it will help me get motivated to finish some Christmas presents! My first challenge post will appear on my blog tomorrow morning: