Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bookmarks, Earrings, Necklace, Doily, Heart, Edging, Angel and Snowflakes

Stacy has decided to join the challenge and has begun with Kersti's Floral Bookmark done in Yarnplayer's "Sugar Maple" HDT size 30. One isn't enough so she did another in crochet thread. Jane in South Africa's modified bookmark was done with DMC perle cotton #4065, variations "Morning Meadows". Then a bookmark she devised herself and another of the Jane from South Africa bookmarks done in Yarnplayer's "Sugar Maple" HDT.

Ginny shares some pictures of the Fringe Element's Canadian tatting get together with some interesting tatting.

Heather is continuing her tatting tutorials.

Justyna design these flowers inspired by something she saw on Fox's blog. Then she did an earring and pendant set in her own HDT using a Teri Dusenbury pattern. Then some lovely roses and hearts and a bookmark.

Marta started out to do a bookmark, based on Snowflake by Susanne Schwenke but it just grew. She worked with Aridne thread and it's working into a doily.

IsDihara attended the Palmetto Tat Days and shares some highlights, like Elgiva Heart by Martha Ess, Barbie Dress & Hat by Marie Smith, Pillywiggin by Karrieann Warr, Mary Konior's pattern "Curds and Whey," tatted by Karrieann Warr and a Gold Beaded Bag by Marie Smith. John from "John's Tatting Blog" several large projects including an ecclesiastical stole, triangle lace, handkerchiefs, baby shoes and two large doilies.

Diane has just finished one large project and has decided to start another. Some years ago Kersti posted a picture of a large tin with a picture of a doily printed on it and challenged people to tat the doily.

Gina was making progress on the Chinese Coin bookmark, but got distracted watching TV and kept having to retro tat. Finally she completed it adding a chain look to hang a tassel. She used size 30 Cebelia but might do it again in size 20 in a brighter colour.

Isa received a pattern by Ros-MariƩ Andersson at the last tatting meeting along with size 20 HDT and the crystal angel which Ros-MariƩ also supplied.

 Orsi has some flowers done that will be used on a neck warmer. The edging is growing longer and longer.

Wanda had some tatting time on vacation. The white one is made with Lizbeth size 10 in 602 Natural and red glass beads. The other piece is Lizbeth size 20 in 122 Caribbean and 658 Ocean Turquoise Light with red glass beads.

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